Minutes from Previous Meeting

CFAL Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2017

Attendees: Bebe Tulley, Glenda Spikes, Renee Hoeprich, Yvonne Bayham, Judy Momenzadeh, Michele Aucoin, Dawn Lavoie, Melanie Borne, Nancy Hinds, Sally Gordon, Wendy Starn, Susan Broussard, Lisa Ducote, Lucy Landry, Kathleen Callaghan, Mary Green, Donna LaFleur.  Guests:  Jacqueline Partridge, Martha Landry. 
Meeting called to order at 10:01 a.m. by president. 
Motion to accept minutes as distributed made by Nancy Hinds and seconded by Susan Broussard; membership voted to accept. 
   Presently, annual dues are $25.  Nancy Hinds made a motion to suspend annual dues for 2018; however, new members are still responsible for the one-time $25 joining fee.  Sally Gordon seconded the motion, and the motion passed following a vote by the membership. 
Judy Momenzadeh (Nominating Chair) presented the slate of 2018 officers approved by the membership.  Membership voted for Bebe Tulley (president), Donna La Fleur (vice president), Barbara Lankford (treasurer), and Yvonne Bayham (secretary) as the incoming officers.    Judy thanked them for volunteering.   
Proposed bylaws change to create an exhibit committee:  wording for the change publicized via our website, meeting minutes, and at the last meeting.  Judy Momenzadeh made a motion to accept the bylaw change, and Yvonne Bayham seconded the motion.  With a ¾ aye vote of the members present at the meeting, the motion will pass; there were no nays/abstentions at the meeting, so the proposed bylaws change passes.   
Committee members will serve for 2 years.  To begin with, we need four members to volunteer 2 for 2 years, 2 for 1 year.  Nancy Hinds-2yrs, Wendy Starn-1yr, Lucy Landry-2yrs, and Susan Broussard-1yr volunteered, with Lucy serving as chair. 
Donna LaFleur:  upcoming programs:  Judy Momenzadeh (January 27, 2018) will teach digital printing on fabric with 15 to 20 in the class.  Sally Gordon (color theory) will present next year; 15 or 20-minute program slots available for next year. 
Nancy Hinds’ basket class on a flat mold was held earlier this year; her cat’s head basket (round basket, pointy feet) will be the next class offered.  April 28th is her first available date; A class interest list was circulated.  $20/person class fee plus supply fee approximately $15 will be the cost.  Nancy’s website is fiberartsstudio.com; check it out to see class samples (basket gallery).                   
Donna LaFleur:  workshops.   From the list submitted (copy attached), contact Donna at donnalafleur5@gmail.com to state your preferences (before Christmas).   
Yvonne Bayham, Challenge Chair encouraged people to check out the blog for the present list of ideas/themes for the 2018 CFAL challenge prompts (cfalart.blogspot.com).  JOURNEYS is the overarching theme for the year:  For January meeting:  Enter Here.  For April meeting:  Memorabilia.
A showing of handmade fiber art to promote organizations through Handmade LA is occurring December 3rd.   Space for booths is available for vendors, and CFAL will exhibit as an organization (recruitment opportunity).  Bocage Shopping Center (courtyard) is the location, December 3rd, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.    Participants:  Judy Momenzadeh, Jacqueline Partridge, Susan Broussard, Sally Gordon, Donna LaFleur, Glenda Spikes, Michele Aucoin, Barbara Skinner, Bebe Tulley. 
Meeting dates 2018: January 21, April 15, August 19 and November 18. At this point the meetings will be held at the Arts Council of Livingston Parish.
Program, Show and Tell with Jaqueline Partridge. Her lifelong interest in art, textiles, and fashion is presently expressed as an art teacher at the Baton Rouge International School.  See her work on the Pinterest site:  https://www.pinterest.com/jackie5388
Meeting is adjourned at 11:25.   Show and Tell followed adjournment.
Renee Hoeprich, secretary

Donna's attachment:  here

CFAL Meeting Minutes
                       August 20, 2017             
Attendees: Bebe Tulley; Renee Hoeprich; Brenda Reinman; Wendy Starn; Yvonne Bayham; Judy Momenzadeh; Katy Prescott; Vicki Thompson; Melanie Borne; Donna LaFleur; Suzi Montague; Lucy Landry; Glen Parks; Pat Riddick; Jane Olson-Phillips, Susie Blyskal; Lisa Ducote; Sally Gordon; Barbara Lankford; Mary Felder.  Michelle Aucoin, guest of Yvonne Bayham, introduced. 
Meeting called to order at 1:07 p.m. by president. 
Program presented by Yvonne Bayham   Source:  demonstration at QuiltCon.  Materials used:  small fabric scraps, can be resized by cutting with a rotary cutter.   Technique:  layering of fabric scraps, partly three dimensional.  Use a stabilizer base, with an outline of the image to be filled in with scraps. Use multiple layers for ease of free motion stitching.   Creative inspiration sources:  memories (making a ballerina shoe from pieces of tutus).  Tips:  use a stiletto-type tool to manipulate printed fabric to the right color orientation; use a small pair of scissors to snip threads that get tangled in the foot.  The last layer’s edges can be stitched down to tidy up the elevation of the image. 
Motion to accept meeting minutes of April 30, 2017 meeting was made by Donna LaFleur; seconded by Lucy Landry.  Membership voted to accept. 
Treasurer report not available.  Bebe Tulley will get sent to membership.
Judy Momenzadeh, Nominating Committee representative (Melanie Borne, Mary Felder other members).  Slate:  Bebe Tulley, president, Donna LaFleur, Vice President; Barbara Lankford, Treasurer; Yvonne Bayham, Secretary.  No nominations from the floor; Susie Blyskal made a motion, Donna LaFleur seconded closing nominations for officers.  Voting will be at the November meeting. 
Donna LaFleur asked for suggestions for programs from the membership.  Two ideas being explored:  working with multimedia; working with collage quilts.  Please share ideas for presentations with Donna. 
Katy Prescott   Pieces from Nancy Hinds’ basket class this summer shared.  Nancy is willing to hold a second class with woven paper baskets, which can be modified to include new and previous attendees.  This will most likely be the next class. 
Katy asked if anyone else would like to teach a day-long workshop.  Payment will include payment of $20/student and $100 from CFAL. Bebe Tulley can teach fabric collage of a background, useful for many media. Brenda Reinman can teach how to make blown Ukrainian eggs.  Judy Momenzadeh can teach using photography in fiber art. 
Recruitment of national teachers for CFAL now needs a new manager, as Katy’s responsibilities elsewhere have grown.  Recommendations for teachers are welcomed as well.  Donna LaFleur, Judy Momenzadeh and Katy Prescott will serve on the national teachers’ recruitment committee.  Chair of the committee is Donna LaFleur.  Solicitation of Sue Spargo for 2019 will continue.  
Challenges for future meetings.    Yvonne Bayham clarifies these ideas are starting points, and are not meant to limit artistic expression.  JOURNEYS is the overarching theme for the year:  For January meeting:  Enter Here.  For April meeting:  Memorabilia.   Yvonne will share a list of inspirations in a future email. 
Barbara Lankford, exhibit at Livingston Parish Arts Council, September/October 2017   Submit up to three pieces (display at discretion of committee), maximum size 60 by 60 inches.  September 1st is the hanging date for the committee.  Theme/title:  The Art of Fiber:  Hidden Dreams
Entry forms and pieces due today.  October 27th and 28th (Friday and Saturday—hours will be posted) are the pickup days for art.  Notify Barbara Lankford of special accommodations for pick up.  Receptions will be held September 9th and October 14th (second Saturdays of the month) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
At the last meeting, the Board advised that we explore a committee structure for exhibits to oversee activities and to delegate work. The committee will address the need for consistency with exhibits and planning of future exhibits. The review has produced a recommendation to add to the by-laws a section on art exhibits (copy attached). 
Voting on the adoption of this addition will occur at the November meeting.  These minutes will serve as part of the seven days’ written notice of proposed amendments, and will pass with a three-fourths affirmative vote of the membership present (Article IX—Amendments). 
Next meeting is in Covington on November 12th, 10 a.m. to 12 noon.  Bring your own chair. 
Meeting adjourned at 2:36.   Show and Tell followed adjournment.

Renee Hoeprich, secretary

CFAL Meeting Minutes
                          April 23, 2017               
Attendees:  Bebe Tulley; Renee Hoeprich; Glenda Spikes; Judy Momenzadeh; Mary Felder; Donna LaFleur; Kathy Bourgeois; Yvonne Bayham; Glenda Spikes; Katy Prescott; Wendy Starn; Melanie Borne; Barbara Lankford; Barbara Skinner; Jane Olson-Phillips; Lisa Ducote; Pat Riddick; Corinne Watts. 
Meeting called to order at 1:02 p.m. by president. 
Program presented by Donna LaFleur, inspired by art pieces suitable for necklaces and keychains, with a fiber art foundation.  Donna shared the different names generated by use and cultural influences:  festival bag, medicine bag, amulet, pouch, etc. Donna made her own stamps based on archetypes, using natural cork.  In the class she taught earlier this year, she asked participants to bring a personal item (a childhood item, an orphan earring, etc.) to incorporate into the kit she provided.  She provided details of the significance of the items used in each participant’s piece. 
Motion to accept meeting minutes made by Sally Gordon, seconded by Donna LaFleur.  Membership voted to accept. 
Treasurer will send her report by email.  Expenses included refreshments at the exhibit, Lucy Landry’s selfies class, and donation to the capitol for the exhibit space. 
Donna La Fleur polled membership regarding sharing workshop experiences since last meeting.  Barbara Lankford shared insights from classes at the GSQA Seminar and a Michael Young class, Windows on the World.   Yvonne Bayham went to QuiltCon in Savannah, taking a class on color.  Renee Hoeprich shared her experiences taking classes with Charlotte Angotti at Seminar with approaching design from a spontaneous, yet step-by-step approach.  Barbara Skinner took a Seminar class with Debbie Maddy working with silk. 
Katy Prescott, peer teaching.  Katy provided specifics on Nancy Hinds’ basket class.  Pair of sharp-pointed scissors and a 12-inch ruler will be needed; a kit fee of approximately $12 will be collected.  The kit will include the watercolor paper for the basket, while the class will include instruction on making the watercolor paper (it will be too wet to use during class).   June 10th will be the class date, location here at the Arts Council.  Non-refundable $20 class fee due at sign up.  See www.fiberartsstudio.com for a gallery of Nancy’s baskets. 
Sue Spargo, teaching opportunity in January 2019.  Corinne Watts and Katy Prescott attended a Sue Spargo workshop in San Antonio recently.  Spargo uses traditional embroidery stitches in creative ways.  Her workshop produced different pieces using the same materials.  She is interested in producing a tutorial/open workshop type program for us. 
Rosalie Dace future class will be explored. 
Yvonne Bayham, theme projects to culminate in a future, unspecified show. The goal is to produce pieces that can be shared at quarterly meetings, and that can be used at a future, unspecified exhibit.  “Hidden Dreams” will be the subject of a project to be shared at the August meeting during Show and Tell. 
Text Exhibit, members’ impressions shared    Beautifully displayed; artists’ statements not posted (capitol curator’s decision), a suggestion made to put artist statements in handout or folder; further research needed on our capability to educate at an exhibit venue. Mechanics of hanging went more smoothly with the new guidelines in place.  The Old State Capitol staff really liked the exhibit and we will explore exhibiting there again. Also, a venue in Shreveport may be available.
Board will explore a committee structure for exhibits to oversee activities and delegate work. The committee will meet a need for consistency with exhibits and planning of future exhibits.
Barbara Lankford, exhibit at Livingston Parish Arts Council, September/October 2017   Submit up to three pieces (display at discretion of committee), maximum size 60 by 60 inches.  September 1st is the hanging date for the committee.  Theme/title:  The Art of Fiber:  Hidden Dreams.  Submit work digitally to Judy Momenzadeh for fabric postcards inclusion review, by August 16th
Nominating Committee needed for putting together a slate of officers, two-year terms beginning in January 2018.  Committee:  Judy Momenzadeh, Mary Felder, Melanie Borne nominated for the Nominating Committee.  Katy Prescott made a motion, seconded by Kathy Bourgeois, to accept the Nominating Committee as presented; motion passes. 
Change in meeting time.  The general meeting starting time change to 1:30 p.m.  Motion made after discussion, motion carries. 

Meeting adjourned at 2:40.  Show and Tell followed adjournment.

Renee Hoeprich, secretaryJanuary 8, 2017            
Attendees:  Bebe Tulley; Renee Hoeprich; Glenda Spikes; Judy Momenzadeh; Mary Felder; Susie Blyskal; Donna LaFleur; Kathy Bourgeois; Yvonne Bayham; Glenda Spikes; Lucy Landry; Susan Broussard; Katy Prescott; Sally Gordon; Wendy Starn; Nancy Hinds; Melanie Borne; Vicki Thompson; Suzi Montague; Barbara Lankford; Lisa Ducote. 
Meeting called to order at 1:08 p.m. by president. 
Program presented by Susie Blyskal on making and using fabric twists (see handout). 
Motion to accept meeting minutes made by Nancy Hinds, seconded by Melanie Borne.  Membership voted to accept. 
Treasurer report shared with membership.  $155.05 was spent on postcards.  Motion to accept made by Susie Blyskal, seconded by Melanie Borne, accepted by membership. 
Next meeting dates:  April 23, August 20th, November 12th (Covington).  April and August meetings at Arts Council of Livingston Parish.  ACLP membership has been renewed; we have access to meeting, classroom and exhibit space. 
VP Donna LaFleur thanked Susie Blyskal for today’s presentation.  Donna asked for program speakers for future meetings, in lecture/slideshow/demonstration formats. 
Katy Prescott, workshops.  Katy started with peer classes:  Lucy Landry’s selfies in fabric workshop will be reprised with a pet portrait focus on February 18th from 10 am to 4 pm, at the Co-op.  January 31st will be the final day to pay for this workshop.  You will work from photographs with sketching exercises; the class is rich in design techniques and ideas. 
New peer class policy:  To formalize peer teaching class attendance, we will collect the $20 nonrefundable class fee at time of sign up.  If you can’t attend, call the Workshop chair for information about a waiting list and find your own replacement. 
Katy also shared the payment to peer teachers structure:  Each student pays $20 plus the guild contribution of $100. 
Nancy Hinds will teach a class on basketmaking with watercolor paper.  The paper can be embellished prior to use.  A kit fee will be charged for the prepared supplies to allow for a one-day class.  Nancy’s website will show the extensive use of this technique beyond the tissue box.  Summer/Fall is the proposed time frame. 
Ukrainian egg decorating (as shared at a 2016 show and tell) will be researched for a spring peer workshop. 
A class tailored for us by Sue Spargo will be explored further, after Katy’s attendance at a customized workshop she will attend in the next six weeks.  Survey card was filled out by each member to be turned in at the end of the meeting regarding a Spargo workshop as well as other options. 
Mary Felder presented a proposal to exhibit at the Arts Council of Livingston Parish in September/October 2017.  Space is available for 2D and 3D work.  Barbara Lankford and Katy Prescott are the first members on this committee; Yvonne Bayham and Mary Felder will also serve on the committee.  The hanging system is the same as the Old State Capitol exhibit starting in January 2017. 
Following discussions with the Old State Capitol staff regarding educational outreach at the exhibit, we are formulating ideas for future exhibits.  If you have a group attending the exhibit, share the visit times for possible informal attendance by CFAL exhibitors. 
Reception 1 to 3 pm on January 21st.  Food and beverages will be catered by Matherne’s.  The downtown development website has information about parking locations. 
Meeting adjourned at 2:19.  Show and Tell followed adjournment.

Renee Hoeprich, secretary

Meeting Minutes for November 13, 2016
President Bebe Tulley called the meeting to order at 10:10 am at the Bogue Falaya Gym,Covington, LA.
Those present were: Bebe Tulley, Donna LaFleur, Yvonne Bayham, Tracy Gallagher, Lisa Ducote, Wendy Starn, Susan Broussard, Lucy Landry, Nancy Hinds, Melanie Borne, Sally Gordon, Judy Momenzadeh, Mary Felder, Barbara Lankford, Glenda Spikes, Corrine Watts and, Katy Prescott.
A motion was passed to approve the minutes of the last meeting as circulated via the CFAL blog.
Bebe announced that Allison Cook has resigned as Vice President. A motion was passed designating Donna LeFleur to complete the rest of Allison’s term.
Bebe requested that members help with the Class Committee by suggesting national and local teachers. Members of the committee are Katie Prescott, Corrine Watts, Judy Momenzadeh, and Sally Gordon. Katie Prescott volunteered to chair committee.
Old State Capitol Exhibit: Bebe distributed entry/information forms for show. Deadline for form submission is December 15th (email or send to Bebe). Show starts on January 17th and closes on March 18 with take down on March 20th. Members may sell their art (put price on piece with OSC taking 20% commission).OSC will issue one check to be divided among those who sold a piece. Maximum size is 36” wide. Judy demonstrated how to prepare piece for hanging: insert slat about 1.5 “ from top in sleeve; use 2 thumbtacks about 4” apart in middle of top with wire strung from one tack to second tack. Slats available at Home Depot. Artists ’Description should include name, medium/materials/technique. Small pieces may be in a frame. Date for open reception has not been confirmed. Sally is organizing light refreshments. Parking is available on North Blvd. and in B-1 parking garage on Convention St. CFAL will make a donation of $250 to OSC for use of their facilities.
GSQA induction of new officers will be held January 28th and the Main EBRP Library between Goodwood and Independence Blvds.
A motion passed for exempting current members of 2017 dues but new members will be required to pay dues.
Katy Prescott showed Michael Young’s Leaf Quilt and Book; members were encouraged to sign their leaf picture. Thanks to Mary Felder for quilt backing and Judy Momenzadeh for quilting.
Area representatives were chosen for the next 2 years:
Baton Rouge - Judy Momenzadeh
New Orleans/Covington - Melanie Borne
              Houma/Thibodeaux-Yvonne Bayham
                        Alexandria-Wendy Starn
At large - Barbara Lankford

 A discussion was held about possible teachers for classes in 2017. Topics suggested were: Faces, Beading, Design, Vessels, Rug Hooking, Digital Design, Mixed Media and Embroidery. Specific teachers mentioned were Deborah Vuschert, Terri Manget and Rosalie Dace. Members who are willing to teach a class should contact Katy Prescott (kwprescott11@gmail.com)
Announcement: Judy received Honorable Mention in Digital Media. She also will be teaching her Fleur de Lis class at GSQA Seminar. Meeting adjourned at 11:15 for Show and Tell. January meeting will be the 8th. Place to be annouced. Board will meet before the meeting.
Respectfully submitted, Barbara Lankford

CFAL Meeting Minutes
                     September 18 2016           
Attendees:  Bebe Tulley, Renee Hoeprich, Glenda Spikes, Barbara Skinner, Donna Martin, Judy Momenzadeh, Mary Felder, Jane Olson-Phillips, Donna La Fleur, Pat Riddick, Lucy Landry, Sally Gordon, Katy Prescott, Yvonne Bayham, Lisa Ducote, Susan Broussard, Corinne Watts, Melanie Borne, and Wendy Starn.
Meeting called to order at 1:04 p.m. by president. 

Motion to accept meeting minutes made by Mary Felder, seconded by Judy Momenzadeh.  Membership voted to accept. 

Treasurer report shared with membership.    Check to Mary Hettmansperger for workshop in July was $2,250. 

Katy Prescott shared the fiber art piece made by the group featuring leaves.  The recipient will be Michael Young who moved to Texas in the past year.  The background for the leaves landscape was made by Mary Felder, with quilting done by Judy Momenzadeh. 
Programs:  October 29th will be the selfies class with Lucy Landry.  Fusing will be featured, but can be adapted to handwork or embroidery.  Location will be announced.  $20/person with CFAL stipend to instructor. 
Off-loom weaving class, session II will be scheduled once the interest list is gathered.   
Please contact Alison Cook, VP Programs (vulturewoman@gmail.com) if you wish to attend and missed signing up at the meeting. 
Old State Capitol exhibit:  Letters: Present, Past and Future.  Must be a CFAL member to participate.  Opens Tuesday, January 17 2017 and closes Saturday, March 18 2017.  Application will be accessible through the blog in the Calls for Entry and Exhibition Guidelines.  November 13th is the due date for the application.  A demonstration of how to make your piece compliant with display parameters for this show will be part of the program of the November CFAL meeting. 
Reception will be catered. 
Hanging committee is in place.  The pieces are due January 8, 2017 (at the CFAL meeting).  Judy Momenzadeh is our Publicity Chair for this exhibit.  She will send out more information regarding exhibit artwork photography in publicity materials. 
Logistics of sales at the exhibit are being worked out.
You may enter up to three pieces.  Number of entries per participant hanging in the show will be at the discretion of the committee.  There will be a place on the application to number 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of your pieces.  The width of the pieces will be limited to 36 inches. 
Next meeting is November 13th in Covington, the same weekend as the Three Rivers Art Festival (same location) 10 am to 12 noon. 
Future exhibits:  Barbara Skinner advised that the Henning House show can be rescheduled (cancelled due to the flood). 
Members shared works in progress from Hettmansperger class (see photos on blog). 
Meeting adjourned at 2:00.  Show and Tell followed adjournment (see photos on blog). 

Renee Hoeprich, secretary

CFAL Meeting Minutes

           April 17 2016               

Attendees:  Bebe Tulley; Renee Hoeprich; Alison Cook; Glenda Spikes; Yvonne Bayham; Kathy Bourgeois; Katy Prescott; Corinne Watts; Ilaine Hartman; Barbara Lankford; Lucy Landry; Jackie Canal; Brenda Reinman; Wendy Starn; Susan Broussard; Sally Gordon; Lisa Ducote; Judy Momenzadeh; Mary Green; Mary Felder; Glen Parks; Linda Beach (guest). 

Meeting called to order at 1:10 p.m. by president.  Guest today is Linda Beach (art quilter). 

Motion to accept meeting minutes made by Judy Momenzadeh seconded by Lucy Landry.  Membership voted to accept. 

Treasurer report shared with membership.    There are 26 renewals, one new membership to date this year.   Alison Cook moved to accept report; Katy Prescott seconded, motion carried by membership.  President Tulley advised that the high balance in the checking account should be spent in a manner to benefit the membership.

Workshops for the year.   Contact Alison Cook at vulturewoman@gmail.com to reserve your space. 

·       Mary Hettmansperger class is July 22/23 2016.  Eleven have signed up, with deposit due.  Class fee will be $65/person/day (supplies $20/day).   Non-refundable deposit of $75 required.   

·       Peer teaching by Katy Prescott (off-loom weaving).  May 21st  ($20/person). Participation will be limited to 10,  9:30 a.m. to 4:30 at the Co-op.   Supplies: bull dog clip, skewer/popsicle stick; tapestry needle; 10x10 stretcher bars; stiff fiber threads (size 3, non stretchy); pliers; crochet hook; yarns/textiles to share.  Base fabric needs to be easy to pull yarns through. 

·       Eleanor Pigman, bead embroiderer.  Her kits retail for $400, but her kits for our class will be in the $50 range. Class fee will be $65/day. Fall class session proposed.

·       Lucy Landry, selfies in fabric.  Fused applique, or can be stitched.  Whimsical, abstract format. 

Upcoming Exhibits

·       Henning House.  September 15-29 2016.  This is a CFAL show.  Entries due August 16th in Sulphur, or the pieces can be dropped off at the August 14th CFAL meeting.  Theme is Ten Years at the Swamp (maximum three large pieces; if small pieces, can submit more than 3).  Although the theme is Ten Years at the Swamp, new pieces may be submitted.  The only exclusion are pieces that have been previously exhibited at Henning House.  Title and name will be put on the piece (no artist statement required).  Pieces will be returned to Baton Rouge by Barbara Skinner (arrangements will be made).  Items can be sold. 

·       Old State Capitol.  January 19 through March 20 2017.  Name of show is Letters:  Present, Past and Future.   Chairperson is Glenda Spikes.  Judy Momenzadeh, Bebe Tulley and Glenda Spikes looked at the space.  Hanging will be gallery style frames (piece will be attached to wire from mididle of artwork—see photo on our blog).  Room for three-dimensional work (pedestals) and display cases.  Wall space is limited, so size is limited (36 inches on one side).  Two to three pieces can be submitted; number exhibited at discretion of committee.  Saturday, January 20th is reception date.  Entry guidelines and entry form will be posted on website, due date will be posted (publicity to venue for publication is due October 17th).   Items can be sold. 

·       Exhibit committee will look into future venue possibilities.  The committee will also formulate a jurying process for exhibits with open calls for entry.  There are two types of exhibits:  member-only shows without a jury process and an open-to-the-public entry with a juried format.  Katy Prescott and Judy Momenzadeh are the first members of a sub-committee focusing on the jurying process, within the exhibit committee.  No updates at this time. 

Board has decided to join the Livingston Parish Arts Council.  Benefits include exhibition space, meeting/classroom space, and publicity on their website.

Member news and portfolio updates

Send to Renee Hoeprich (reneehoeprich@yahoo.com) for publication. 

Other News

Future 2016 CFAL meeting dates:

August 14, 2016  (Livingston Parish Arts Council)
November 13, 2016 (Covington)

Program presented by Barbara Lankford on crazy quilting, an art medium begun in the 1880s/1890s.

   Show and Tell followed the adjournment of the meeting at 2:28 p.m.  

Meeting Minutes

                        January 17 2016             

Attendees:  Bebe Tulley; Renee Hoeprich; Alison Cook; Glenda Spikes; Mary Felder; Judy Momenzadah; Gaye Smith; Katy Prescott; Wendy Starn; Barbara Lankford; Suzi Montague;  Penny Nichols; Jane Olson-Phillips; Carolyn Foster; Lisa Ducote; Melanie Borne; Nancy Hinds; Vicki Thompson; Corinne Watts; Sally Gordon; Barbara Skinner;  Kathy Bourgeois. 

Meeting called to order at 1:09 p.m. by president.  Guests today are Arlene Post, Gaye Smith, Yvonne Bayham, and Pat Riddick; they shared their fiber art specialties.

Mary Felder, past president thanked previous board members with a gift (Jane Olson-Phillilps, Lucy Landry, Barbara Lankford, Judy Momenzadah, Glenda Spikes).  She welcomed Bebe Tulley as the new president. 

Motion to accept meeting minutes made by Alison Cook; seconded by Nancy Hinds.  Voted to accept. 

Treasurer report shared with membership and is incorporated with these minutes.    Dues of $25 are due today for renewing members.

Meeting locations will be posted to the blog and Facebook.  Choice of meeting place will be determined by the program for the day (metal work, wet work, etc.).

Workshops for the year.   Contact Alison Cook at vulturewoman@gmail.com to reserve your space. 

·       Robin Atkins is no longer available to teach (hard to travel). 

·       Mary Hettmansperger will return, happy to be asked; she is available July 22/23 2016.  Class fee will be $75/person/day (supplies extra).   Non-refundable deposit of $75 required.   

·       Peer teaching by Katy Prescott and Corinne Watts (off-loom weaving).  March 19 2016 ($20/person). If more than 10 students sign up for the class, Katy will hold multiple sessions.  Location to be announced, supply list will be forwarded. 

·       Other four peer classes include selfies in fabric (Lucy Landry); thread painting (Judy Momenzadeh, Bebe Tulley, Katy Prescott); free-form piecing (Tracy Gallagher); computer techniques (Judy Momenzadeh).

·       Barbara Lankford will teach crazy quilting techniques at one of the 2016 quarterly meetings. 

·       Rosalie Dace and Eleanor Pigman are being researched by Alison Cook.

Pat Riddick shared information about a 3D printing class at an EBR library location February 7th (Sunday) from 2pm to 5 pm. Contact her at patriddick@mindspring.com. 

Upcoming Exhibits

·       The exhibit guidelines will be published on the blog.

·       Henning House.  September 15-29 2016.  This is a CFAL show.  Entries due August 16th in Sulphur, or the pieces can be dropped off at the August 14th CFAL meeting.  Theme is Ten Years at the Swamp (maximum three large pieces; if small pieces, can submit more than 3).  Although the thene is Ten Years at the Swamp, new pieces may be submitted.  The only submission are pieces that have been previously exhibited at Henning House.  Title and name will be put on the piece (no artist statement required).  Pieces will be returned to Baton Rouge by Barbara Skinner (arrangements will be made).

Motion made to change the CFAL meeting schedule to accommodate an August 14th drop off date for the pieces passes. 

·       Old State Capitol.  February 2017.  Theme is “text”.  Chairperson is Glenda Spikes. 

·       Exhibit committee will look into future venue possibilities.  The committee will also formulate a jurying process for exhibits with open calls for entry.  Therefore, there are two types of exhibits:  member-only shows without a jury process and an open-to-the-public entry with a juried format.  Katy Prescott and Judy Momenzadeh are the first members of a sub-committee focusing on the jurying process, within the exhibit committee. 

Since a committee is not in place, each member is responsible for sharing venue information with the board (Bebe Tulley is the contact right now).  The area representatives were also cited as a resource. 


Suzi Montague has volunteered to handle the ongoing publicity needs for the organization. 

Member news and portfolio updates

Send to Renee Hoeprich (reneehoeprich@yahoo.com) for publication. 

Other News

April 8th and 9th show dates for the Gulf States Quilting Association, in Slidell, LA; entry deadline is January 29th,

Future 2016 CFAL meeting dates:

April 17, 2016

August 14, 2016

November 13, 2016

Locations to be announced. 

   Show and Tell followed the adjournment of the meeting at 2:08 p.m.  

Renee Hoeprich, Secretary


CFAL Meeting Minutes

                      November 15, 2015           

Attendees:  Mary Felder; Judy Momenzadah; Renee Hoeprich; Allison Cook; Donna LaFleur; Katy Prescott; Wendy Starn; Bebe Tulley; Corinne Watts; Barbara Lankford; Mary T Green; Suzi Montague; Carolyn Foster; Kathy Bourgeois; Sally Gordon; Lisa Ducote; Holly Stone Barker; Melanie Borne; Vickie Thompson; Susan Broussard. 

Meeting called to order at 10:09 by president.  Visitors:  Jackie Canal, Yvonne Bayham. 

Motion to accept meeting minutes made by Susan Broussard; seconded by Barbara Lankford.  Voted to accept. 

Treasurer report not available. 

Election of new officers Bebe Tulley (president), Allison Cook (vice president), Glenda Hughes-Spikes (treasurer), and Renee Hoeprich (secretary).  There were no additional nominations from the floor.   Motion made by Barbara Lankford, seconded by Susan Broussard to accept slate. 

Michael Young working on new studio space in Texas at son’s.  His partnership with Turtlehand Batiks involved selling his patterns with their fabric in their booth. 

Katy Prescott reviewed the scope of project to honor Michael and commemorate his departure.  Motion made to spend up to $300 on this project (Sally Gordon, Donna LaFleur). 

January 17 2016 is tentative date for next meeting.

Peer teaching December 5 2015 at the Vineyard Church, Tiger Bend Road in Baton Rouge.  Spaces still available, see details from email (will be sent out again, includes a supply list). 

Parameters for future peer teaching (class size, minimum, etc) to be determined by committee.  Pricing at this point is $100 from general fund and $20/student.  Allison Cook chairing committee for workshops.  Some topics:  off loom weaving; color theory; thread painting; computer techniques for photo transfer; working with specialty textiles; creative 9 patch.  List sent around for additional suggestions and offers to teach. 

Input, future classes.  Interest shown for Robin Atkins (beader), Hettsmanberger, and wet felting.  Class committee formed:  Allison Cook, Katy Prescott, Judy Momenzadeh, Renee Hoeprich, Corrinne Watts.  Interest in two classes for 2016 will be explored.  Let Alison know of other possibilities. 

Membership   Forty-two paid members.  Discussion regarding whether the new member rate of $50 would apply for returning members.  Voted by acclimation that additional $25 initiation fee would only apply once.  Member dues of $25 due at January meeting. 

Voted by acclimation that Michael Young be made a lifetime honorary board member. 

Election of area representatives  Baton Rouge (Katy Prescott) Covington/New Orleans (Melanie Borne) Alexandria (Wendy Starn); at-large (Barbara Lankford, Lisa Ducote).

Upcoming exhibits:  Old State Capitol, parameters should be available by September 15th through Glenda Spikes (committee chair) Possible theme is text.  Show date is February 2017.  Need input on hanging protocols (including pedestals) and space.  Bebe Tulley and Susie Blyskal volunteered to serve on this committee. 

Henning House is available for exhibit; most likely August 2016.  Possible theme is a Swamp retrospective.  Membership voted affirmatively in August to participate in this CFAL exhibit.  Barbara Skinner will chair this exhibit committee. 


Show and Tell followed the adjournment of the meeting at 10:50 a.m.  

Respectfully submitted,  

Renee Hoeprich

Minutes of August 9, 2015 meeting.................................................

Attendees:  Mary Felder; Judy Momenzadah; Glenda Spikes Hughes; Renee Hoeprich; Susie Blyskal; Allison Cook; Lisa Ducote; Carolyn Foster; Sally Gordon; Mary T. Green; Donna LaFleur; Penny Nichols; Jane Olson-Phillips; Katy Prescott; Wendy Starn; Bebe Tulley; Corinne Watts; Michael Young. 

Meeting called to order at 1:07 by Mary Felder, president.  Visitors:  Marlene Most, Brenda Reinman.

Felder passed around directory listing for corrections. 

Motion to accept meeting minutes made by Mary Felder; seconded by Alison Cook.  Voted to accept. 

Opinions regarding jurying process voiced by membership, upon request by Felder.  Theme should be included in the parameters for the show.  Committee should have option to refuse entries if they do not fit parameters.  Deadlines re submission are firm, as well as requirements for entry (photo submission, etc.).  Professionalism needs to remain one of the parameters, as the organization has many recognized artists, and we are all fortunate to have them because they help and support all of us, and encourage us to participate in exhibits.    

Juror needs to be knowledgeable in fiber and/or design principles.  Outside input should be encouraged (re juror piece selection).  The bylaws stipulate that show participation is a part of membership; for a juried show, pieces might be solicited outside the group.  Having a non-juried show every year gives opportunities for new artists. 

Nominating committee (Renee Hoeprich, Jane Olson-Phillips, Lucy Landry) presented the following slate:  Bebe Tulley (president), Alison Cook (vice president), Glenda Hughes-Spikes (treasurer), and Renee Hoeprich (secretary).  There were no additional nominations from the floor.   Voting at November meeting, in Covington (3rd Sunday, from 10 am to 12 noon). 

Judy Momenzadeh reported on Hettsmanberger class.  Very knowledgeable and giving with information.  Instructor encouraged students, with a great sense of humor.  Her love of teaching and the craft was very evident.  Both parties are looking forward to a second, future class.  Show and Tell today will include class creations, where the techniques can be applied to many media.  The torch used in class is plumber grade, and does not emit fumes with the metal.  Safety wise, use of the torch in a residential setting does not increase insurance premium rates per our sources. 

Upcoming exhibits:  Old State Capitol, parameters should be available by September 15th through Glenda Spikes (committee chair).  Possible theme is text.  Show date is February 2017.  Need input on hanging protocols (including pedestals) and space.  Bebe Tulley and Susie Blyskal volunteered to serve on this committee. 

Henning House is available for exhibit; most likely August 2016.  Possible theme is a Swamp retrospective.  Membership voted affirmatively to participate in this CFAL exhibit.  Barbara Skinner will chair this exhibit committee. 

Input, future classes.  Interest shown for Robin Atkins (beader), Hettsmanberger, and wet felting.  Class committee formed:  Alison Cook, Katy Prescott, Judy Momenzadeh, Renee Hoeprich, Corrinne Watts.  Interest in two classes for 2016 will be explored.

Peer teaching will also be pursued in 2016.  Katy Prescott presented a class proposal;  technique is off-loom weaving.  Samples shown from Paul Wonk, Corrinne Watts, Mary Ruth Smith, Katy Prescott and Katherine Watts.   Pieces are mounted on canvas; pieces are very dimensional, and can be incorporated with other media.  Class format will include a design exercise (division of space shown in a photograph) which will culminate in a piece on stretched canvas bars that could be used as a sampler of possibilities.  Class supply list would include community items of wool, yarn, string, etc.  Class length will be a busy, one-day instruction class and a second day of studio time.  Class will be limited to 20 (second day is optional).  Venue and time to be set, with January 2016 as a firm possibility. 


August 15th is the Art Rocks! deadline for donations to their fundraiser.

September 26th is second annual Maker’s Faire at the Main Library (national, on-going event).  Jane Olson-Phillips will be participating. 

Program by Judy Momenzadeh:  gelatin printing (a type of monoprinting).   Two methods:  purchase pre-made plate “Gelli” (8 by 10 inches, $30) or make your own with Knox gelatin.  Making your own does not have a size limitation.  Your own plate can be rejuvenated with re-refrigeration.  Imprints can be made on paper (and then perhaps scanned into an image manipulation program).  Several prints can be made from one application of paint.  Designs and physical items can be added to the paint on the gel medium prior to printing.   Printing can be accomplished on paper and fabric.  

Use of a disposable palette paper allows you to use a brayer to mix the paints, and then transfer the colors to the gel plate.  Use of an open acrylic gel (Liquitex is one brand) extends the open time.  Equal amounts of paint and open acrylic gel is ideal.  Acrylic paint is her choice of paint (over fabric paint).  Placement of lace doilies on the plate in her demonstration created negative space on the finished impression, which was transferred to fabric.  The firmness of your impression affects the impression; the second impression will also be different from the first. 

Clean the plate with water; the Knox plate should be wiped with a sponge and refrigerated.   Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations re setting the paint (heat, etc.). 

Program by Mary Felder:  screen printing with a Thermofax-generated image.  A decolorant can be used with the paints/inks to create images.  Use of a silkscreen medium/extender improves the fine-impression quality of the image.  The image must be generated by carbon (a pencil, or a copy machine that uses toner).  The dark part of the image will become the negative space on the Thermofax image unless the image is manipulated prior to creation of the Thermofax screen. 

Immediate cleaning of the silk screen is required to avoid permanently clogging the little holes. 

Show and Tell followed the adjournment of the meeting at 2:50 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted,  

Renee Hoeprich

CFAL Meeting Minutes
                                                 April 12, 2015
Attendees:  Mary Felder; Judy Momenzadah; Glenda Spikes; Renee Hoeprich; Barbara Skinner; Wendy Starn;  Carolyn Foster; Jane Olson-Phillips; Jackie Watkins; Rhonda Blassingame; Suzi Montague; Glen Parks; Lisa Ducote; Sally Gordon; Alison Cook; Bebe Tulley; Katy Prescott; Corinne Watts; Lucy Landry. 
Meeting called to order at 1:05 by Mary Felder, president.  Visitors:  Penny Nichols; Lisa Giaime; Wendy Miller
Motion to accept meeting minutes made by Mary Felder; seconded by Alison Cook.  Voted to accept. 
Archives committee thanked for professional presentation and reception.  There was a good turnout at the reception (60+).  Mary Felder thanked the guild’s participation.  For the next show as well, the deadline criteria will remain in place as it helped with the easier organization of the show. 
Mary Felder asked for volunteers for 2016: 
·      Chairperson for exhibit at the Old State Capitol (Glenda Spikes)
·      Chairperson for 2016 class

Venue suggestions are requested for future shows.  
2015 quarterly meeting dates, all at the Co-op:   April 12th, August 9th; November..       Activities at these meetings will include formation of the nominating committee in April, presentation of nominees in August, and voting in November. 
Next Class:July 25th and July 26th with Mary Hettsmanperger (making metal embellishments).  The two-day class fee is $200 and includes a kit.    The non-refundable deposit is $75, due May 15, 2015.  After May 15th, enrollment will be opened to the public (class fee will be $225). 
Suggestion for 2016 class (Katy Prescott):  Capri Boyle Jones.  Class on impressionism:  “Painterly in a Pinch”, focus on depth and shading, with rug hooking as her medium.   Class principles can be transferred to your medium.  Class fee:  $45/person/day (8 to 15), plus expenses.  Potential class date:  first weekend March 2016. 
Election of Nominating Committee  Mary Felder reviewed by-law requirements.  Nominations:  Lucy Landry; Jane Olson-Phillips, Renee Hoeprich. 
Michael Young is a charter member of CFAL who served as president for many years.  The board has recommended he be made a lifetime member; affirmative vote by membership. 
November meeting will be in Covington during the art festival.  Membership voted on meeting at the same venue. 
Jurying of exhibits will be discussed in August. 
At the Henning House in Sulfur:  May 7th through June 19th:  Works of Women;    July 9 through July 15th:    Works of Men    
Rhino Gallery (New Orleans) is accepting applications as guest artist; contact A;lison Cook. 
The meeting adjourned at 1:40 pm. with Show and Tell following. 
Respectfully submitted,
Renee Hoeprich

January 18, 2015

Attendees:  Mary Felder; Michael Young; Judy Momenzadah; Glenda Spikes Hughes; Renee Hoeprich; Barbara Skinner; Donna LaFleur; Lucy Landry; Wendy Starn; Tracy Gallagher; Glen Parks; Katy Prescott; Barbara Lankford; Bebe Tulley; Rhonda Blasingame; Lisa Ducote, Kathy Bourgeois; Susie Blyskal; Susan Broussard; Sally Gordon; Jackie Watkins; Kathleen Callaghan; Corinne Watts.

Meeting called to order at 1:15 by Mary Felder, president.  Visitors:  Carolyn Foster; Maggie Strahan; Merlene Lewis; Monette McCullough.

Motion to accept meeting minutes after amendment (add Jane Olson-Phillips’ donation to the LPB art festival) made and accepted.

Michael Young thanked the group for participating in the Swamp show today, and in the past.    Motion made by Katy Prescott to provide a stipend in form of a gift certificate $100 in compensation for his labor, in addition to reimbursement for materials for the pedestals.  In addition, Mary’s contractor who painted the pedestals is to be paid $20.  Motion carries.

Donna LaFleur has filmed the Swamp show, including interviews.  It will air on LPB’s channel and is also available on the website.  See the Art Rocks! segment (5:30 Saturdays, 4:00 Sundays and on the website). 

Election of officers for 2015, which occurred at the last meeting:  Mary Felder, president; Judy Momenzadah, vice president; Renee Hoeprich, secretary; Glenda Spikes, treasurer.  Representatives:  Baton Rouge, Bebe Tulley;  New Orleans, Allison Cook; Alexandria, Wendy Starn; at large, Lisa Ducote and Michael Young. 

2015 quarterly meeting dates, all at the Co-op:     April 12th, August 9th; November 8th.       Activities at these meetings will include formation of the nominating committee in April, presentation of nominees in August, and voting in November. 

Treasurer’s report:  attached to archival copy.    

The archives exhibit,  2015     Send photo and form to Judy Momenzadah, with insurance value by January 11th.  Show hangs from March 3-27, with reception on March 7th 2 to 4 pm.  Installation committee will handle installation of the pieces; final date for pieces is February 21st, and can be dropped off at the co-op on that date.    Allison Cook will coordinate the reception; let her know what you will contribute.    Katy Prescott will oversee postcard publication. 

Next Class:   July 25th and July 26th with Mary Hettsmanperger (making metal embellishments).  The two-day class fee is $200 and includes a kit.    

Motion made by Susie Blyskal to pay Co-op $500 for use of the facility in 2015;    seconded by Sally Gordon.  Motion carries. 


At the Henning House in Sulfur:  May 7th through June 19th:  Works of Women;     July 9 through July 15th:    Works of Men    

Donna LaFleur:  The Art Fest raised almost $80,000; she thanked donors from CFAL.  A 2016 show is planned.    

The meeting adjourned at 1:45 pm. with Show and Tell until 2:20.  

Respectfully submitted,

Renee Hoeprich

Minutes from CFAL November 16, 2014 Meeting

The Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana met at the Bogue Falaya Fitness Center in Covington at 10 AM on November 16, 2014.

President Mary Felder called the meeting to order and welcomed visitors Andrea Goettert and Maggie Strahan.  Sixteen members were in attendance.  Minutes were accepted as sent by email and posted on blog.   Glenda Spikes gave the treasurer’s report.

Judy Momenzadeh reported that she had not received a response from Mary Hettsmansperger and that she knew that Hettsmansperger was traveling and teaching at the moment.  After much discussion, it was decided that Judy would seek confirmation by March15, 2015. 

Felted vessel exhibit at the Fairwood Library was well received.  Thanks given to Judy Momenzadeh for coordinating this. 

An exhibit is scheduled for March 2015 at the Louisiana State Archives on Essen Lane in Baton Rouge.  Exhibit chairpersons are Lisa Ducote and Judy Momenzadeh.  Allison Cook will coordinate reception and Donna La Fleur will handle publicity.
The theme is “Art of Fiber II: Personal Journeys.  Our personal fiber journeys take us in all directions.  Interpretation of the theme is your journey.
Details are attached.

Michael Young will host his “Quilt the Swamp” exhibit at Bluebonnet Swamp in January of 2015.  Details are also attached.
Judy Momenzadeh, Tracy Gallagher, Mary Felder and Jane Olson Phillips donated fiber art to the LPB “Art Rocks” fundraiser. 

A class is planned on “silk fusion”.  Sally Gordon has been asked to teach. 

Members gathered in regional groups to elect new board members for 2015-2016.  They are: Baton Rouge – Bebe Tully; New Orleans – Allison Cook; Alexandria – Wendy Starn; and At large – Michael Young and Lisa Ducote.

Meeting was adjourned.  Members enjoyed “show and tell” and dispersed to the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

Minutes submitted by Mary Felder.

CFAL meeting minutes

August 10 2014

Meeting called to order at 1 p.m.

Present:  Mary Felder; Michael Young; Renee Hoeprich; Lisa Ducote; Wendy Starn; Alison Cook;  Tracy Gallagher; Lee Anna Guidry (guest); Bebe Tulley; Barbara Lankford; Sally Gordon; Jane Olson Phillips; Susie Blyskal; Melanie Borne; Suzi Montague; Mary J Green; Katy Prescott; Barbara Skinner; Glenda Spikes; Donna LaFleur.   

Treasurer’s report:  Report attached to archival copy. 

Teacher Selection  From the list compiled by Sally Gordon, the initial vote online narrowed it down to three choices: Susan Carlson, Robin Atkins, and Mary Hettsmansperger.  A hand vote designated Hettsmansperger as the leading candidate.  Carlson received 6 and Atkins 2.   Katy Prescott’s concerns re an open flame in the workshop will be addressed. 

Peer teaching  The board would like to start a peer teaching program on a formal basis, teaching one-day classes.  Treasury will pay $100 with each student paying $20 additional.  Judy Momenzadeh will pass out two lists:  classes I’ll teach and classes I’d like to take.  One class will be taught this calendar year. 

CFAL Exhibition Guidelines shared.  First show where this will be in effect will be the Archives 2015 show.  A committee will be in charge of the exhibit.  Details reviewed with membership; the entry form will be emailed to membership.  At the November meeting, we will vote on using this form for future exhibits.  

The committee has decided pedestals are a necessary part of our exhibits.  Michael Young will build pedestals, and Glenda Spikes will store them.  Michael will have the pedestals completed by the Swamp show in January 2015; he is planning to make six. 

Archives 2015  Entry form due January 1, 2015; February 15 2015 is the due date for the piece.  Installation is March 2 2015, reception March 7 2015, takedown March 28 2015.  Form will be available on the website.  Photographs of your piece(s) should be submitted with the entry form.  Lisa Ducote and Judy Momenzadeh (assistant) are on the show committee; Allison Cook will handle hospitality.  Donna LaFleur agreed to handle publicity. 

Exhibit at the Fairwood Library is ongoing.  Mary Felder asked if members had dimensional pieces that could be exhibited in September; she will follow up re venue availability. 

The Old State Capitol  has us on the schedule for 2017. 
LPB Art Auction pieces total four from our group.  Jane Olson-Phillips, Tracy Gallagher, Judy Momenzadeh, and Mary Felder donated pieces this year. 
Entry forms for the Swamp show distributed:  January 12 – February 16 2015 are the show dates.  The theme is Metamorphosis, in line with building and curriculum additions.  BREC asks that the theme be expanded beyond butterflies, but still swamp and Louisiana related.  Intent of entry is due December 15 2014 (an email is fine).  Entry form and piece should be at the swamp center by January 6 2015. 
A copy of our CD  will be available at the November meeting.  The CD contents are of pieces photographed by Judy Momenzadeh this year, and is presented to galleries for consideration. 
Today’s program  Barbara Skinner presents a program  using flowers and leaves in your fiber art.  Two parts water and one part glycerin is the formula for preservation.  A cool, dark place facilitates the process during six days when the leaves are soaked in the solution, with a weighted press, with turning occurring every day.  Pat dry and allow air drying after this process. 
Renee Hoeprich shows how to use flora as a design element in a hands-on demonstration. 
Show and Tell follows conclusion of the meeting portion at 2:45 p.m.  
Prepared by P. Renee Hoeprich, Secretary

May 4, 2014

Meeting called to order at 1:10p.m.

Present:  Mary Felder; Michael Young; Renee Hoeprich; Lisa Ducote; Wendy Starn; Alison Cook;  Susie Blyskal; Sally Gordon;  Jane Olson Phillips; Lucy Landry; Bebe Tulley; Nancy Hinds; Tracy Gallagher; Donna LaFleur; Katy Prescott; Susan Broussard; Judy Momenzadah; Patty Nichols (guest of Jane Olson Phillips); Glenda Hughes; Lucy Landry; Barbara Skinner. 

Rebel Slack and Kelly Goldstein are new members this year, bringing the membership to 41. 

Alison Cooke and Susie Blyskal moved to accept minutes of January 12, 2014 as distributed to membership; accepted.

Treasurer’s report:  report attached to archival copy.  Thom Atkins class expenses less than forecast, so class fees were reduced.  Mary Felder thanked all volunteers who assisted with Thom’s logistics, as well as use of the Co-op facility. 

Attendance at the Archives Exhibit lower than expected.  Media coverage did not translate into higher attendance compared to other shows.  Thanks to all who helped with set up and meeting the public.  Mary Felder was thanked specifically for her efforts in putting the exhibit together.

$250 donation to LSU Textile in memory of Katherine Watts acknowledged by Museum; letter placed in CFAL archive. 

New business:  Publicity Chair and Exhibit Committee needs to be appointed to handle each installation.  At time of deadline, number of pieces not sufficient to populate the Archives exhibit.  Six pieces were not ready to hang after turn in.  The committee will discuss these shortcomings to present to the membership for a written policy for future installations.

Exhibit at the Fairwood Library, Baton Rouge is in July 2014.  Poll of number of pieces to be exhibited seems sufficient.  August and September exhibit space being offered to CFAL; we will show three-dimensional and easeled pieces. 

Archives exhibit director wants us to exhibit in March 2015, with reception on the 7th.  Take down March 30th.  Theme will be decided later.  

The Old LA State Capitol is interested in an exhibit, second half of 2015.  Pieces must be for sale, with a commission to the facility.  Details will be available at the August quarterly meeting. 

Other new business:  Donna La Fleur talked about its annual art and travel auction at LPB re our participation.  Donations can only be tax deductible for materials (not labor); a reserve price is placed on a limited number of items.    LPB prints a catalog which is publicity for the artists.    CFAL can be advertised as a group with a six-piece donation.  An evening event to kick off the auction includes artist attendance.  August 1st is the deadline for inclusion.  The publication will be available at the participating galleries as well as being online.    The membership approved our participation being sponsored by CFAL; Donna will oversee collection of pieces. 

Sally Gordon presented list of possible teachers which had been submitted by the membership.  Sally recommends checking out teachers’ websites for class opportunities in 2015 and beyond.  Provide input to VP Judy Momenzadah by end of May.

Michael Young is considering a call for entries for a swamp-themed show (Back to the Swamp) in January 2015. 

Today’s program:  hanging quilts, display parameters.  Libby Lehman’s 1992 instruction sheet of how to make a show-quality sleeve for a traditional show was distributed to the membership and supplements Judy Momenzadah’s demonstration.  Many examples for hanging wall pieces were shared through Judy’s pieces. 

Show and Tell follows conclusion of the meeting portion at 2:25 p.m.  

Prepared by P. Renee Hoeprich, Secretary


meeting minutes

12, 2014


Meeting called to order at 1:03

Present:  Mary Felder; Michael Young; Glenda Spikes;
Renee Hoeprich; Kathy Bourgeois; Lisa Ducote; Wendy Starn; Rhonda Blasingame;
Alison Cooke;  Susie Blyskal; Barbara
Skinner; Sally Gordon;  Jane Olson
Phillips; Lucy Landry; Bebe Tulley; Suzi Montague; Nancy Hinds; Pamela Grigsby
(guest);  Joanne Eisworth and Yvonne
Bayham,   River Art Region representatives; Glen Parks;  Barbara Jackson (guest of Alison Cook); Lynn
Farmer (guest); Paula McKenna (guest); Tracy Gallagher (guest); Jackie Watkins;
Donna LaFleur; Katy Prescott; Susan Broussard; Melanie Borne; Kathy Bourgeois;
Sara Moreau (guest); Kathleen Callaghan.

Thanks to Kathy Bourgeois
for meeting space at the River Region Art Center. CFAL officers and board
members introduced.  

Nancy Hinds moved to accept
minutes of November 2013 as distributed to membership; accepted. 

Motion for $500 donation to Katy
Prescott for use of Co-op facilities to include use of space for classes, work
days, and meetings. Motion made by Nancy Hinds, seconded by Susie Blyskal;

Class on March 28th/29th/30th
with Thom Atkins, bead artist. Kits on Days One and Two ($60 total) in addition
to $65/day for three-day class.  Deposit
of $65 is non refundable.  Volunteers
needed for transportation.  Class will be
at the Co-op.  

Archives Exhibit.  Mary Felder advised that black pedestals may
be available for our use.  Tables 18
inches by 60 inches, stanchions, and a glass display case will be used during
the show.  Open to the public February 4th
through the 27th, with takedown on 28th.  Meet the Artist days will be on February 7th,
14th, and 21st from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.   Reception will not be possible.  Michael Young asked re signage on site; not

Felder has handled publicity for the show.  Announcement postcards distributed.  Postcards designed by Judy Momenzadeh. Sale
of pieces will be handled off site through Mary Felder as primary contact, with
pricing not to be shown on the pieces. 
Donna LaFleur has been asked for TV publicity through her contacts at
Louisiana Public Broadcasting.  

Sally Gordon will get the
suggestions that were sent into Mary Felder since the last quarterly meeting re
future teachers.  Sally will research
these leads and make recommendations.  

Donations.  $250 to LSU Textile Museum in memory of
Katherine Watts as voted previously.  

Board’s decision to forego
dues for 2013 members for the 2014 year shared with membership.  Nancy Hinds made the motion to accept the
board’s decision; seconded by Sally Gordon. 
Motion passed.  

Proposal to Fairwood Library
to exhibit the felted vessels after August 2014 awaiting decision.  

$100 in Carmen Adger’s memory
sent to St Vincent de Paul. $50 donation for an art book in memory of Doris K.
will be sent to a library in her community. 

Jane Olsen Phillips has an
exhibit at the Textile Museum opening on January 26th for two months
(a retrospective; 200 pieces).  Reception
is last Sunday in January, with two special Sunday dates, one in February and
one in March (with show ending March 25th).  

GSQA show details shared
with group. Deadline for entry is January 25th, day of quarterly
meeting in Slidell.  

Business cards distributed
to group.  

Today’s meeting venue, River
Region Art Center, represents surrounding parishes, with 108 members.  32 artists are represented in this gallery,
as well as one in Houma.  Annual membership
is $40, with display privileges extended to docents.  Community art classes are available.  

Show and Tell, including
Archive pieces, follows conclusion of the meeting portion at 1:46 p.m.   


CFAL Meeting Minutes
November10, 2013
Attendees:  Mary Felder; Michael Young; Judy Momenzadah; Glenda Spikes Hughes; Renee Hoeprich; Gaye Smith; Nancy Hinds; Suzi Montague;; Kathy Bourgeois; Lisa Ducote; Sally Gordon; Lucy Landry; Wendy Starn; Rhonda Blasingame; Allison Cooke; Susan Broussard and visitor Jackie Watkins (new member in 2014). 
Meeting was called to order at 10:01 by Mary Felder, president.  Minutes of last meeting were accepted without corrections (motion by Nancy Hinds, seconded by Lucy Landry). 
Financial information from the Costello and Williamson workshops was shared with members.
The archives exhibit The Art of Fiber will hang from February 3rd through 28th 2014.  January 1, 2014 is the deadline for submitting the entry form (sent out digitally October 1, 2013).  Work is due at the January 12, 2014 meeting, unless other arrangements are made.  We have the opportunity to hold a Saturday reception (February 8, 2014) provided we pay for security.  Lucy Landry made the motion to pay the $50 for security to hold the reception on that date. Michael Young seconded the motion with passage by the group. 
Election of the slate of officers was completed after Nancy Hinds made the motion (seconded by Sally Gordon) to accept the slate (Mary Felder, president; Judy Momenzadeh, vice president; and
Renee Hoeprich, secretary).  The treasurer’s position had been filled by Glenda Spikes several months ago by special election due to Rosemary Uchniat’s impending move. The election of Hoeprich and Momenzadah resulted in their vacating their board positions as area representative and member-at-large. These positions are now filled as follows:  Kathy Bourgeois
(Baton Rouge); Nancy Hinds (at-large); Allison Cooke (Covington/New Orleans); Wendy Starn (Alexandria); and Lisa Ducote (at-large).  Motion carried after proposed by Susan Broussard and seconded by Gaye Smith. 
Future meetings will be held on January 12, 2014 (tentatively scheduled at the River Region Art Association in Gonzales), May 4th, August 10th, and November 9th
The next workshop is scheduled for March 28th – 30th,,   2014 (three days) with bead artist Thom Atkins. 
Discussion regarding a donation to the LSU Textile and Costume Museum resulted in a motion to donate $100 in memory of Katherine Watts (Sally Gordon, seconded by Michael Young).  
This motion was tabled in favor of increasing the donation amount to $250 (Allison Cooke, seconded by Nancy Hinds) 
with passage as such. 
The function and (fun!) of Work Days was described to members not yet able to attend this regularly scheduled event.  This activity will resume in 2014. 
Input for future workshops was requested by Mary Felder, with a deadline of December 11th set for sharing this information by email or Facebook with the board and membership.  Ideas at the 
meeting included bookmaking (Cherry Ucci), handstitching (Lucy Landry); digital 
media (Judy Momenzadah); basketmaking, and beadweaving on a loom. 
The meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m. with Show and Tell until 11:55 a.m.  
Respectfully submitted, 
Renee Hoeprich
Meeting chaired by President Mary Felder.  Minutes accepted as read. Treasurer's Report was given by Rosemary Uchniat and 
accepted. New members Rhonda Blassingame, Gaye Smith and Carolyn Bunch were introduced.
Library Books:  A vote was taken to purchase a book in the name of our deceased member, Doris
Calamia.   It will be donated to the library closet to her home.
The class of Marianne Williamson to be held Sept 28 & 29th has 13 members signed up.  This amount will pay for the class.  Cost is $65.00 for the 1st day, second to be decided at the workshop.  A supply list will be coming.
State Archives Show will be set up on Feb. 4, 2014.  Opening date to be decided.  Name of show
is "Art of Fiber".  Members may submit 2 and possibly 3 pieces of work.  No ceiling hung pieces. Nails may be used in the walls. Your submission information must be sent to Mary by Jan. 1st.  Work can be brought to the January 2014 meeting. Details will be mailed soon.
 Thanks to Katie Prescott for holding workdays at the Co-Op in June, July and August.  Next workshop
will be Sept. 21st. at the Co-op.
Fairwood Library: Exhibition will be booked for our felted vessels in their glass cases next
August 2014.
Slate of Officers presented for voting at the Nov. meeting:
President Mary Felder,  Vice-President   Judy Momenzadeh
Secretary  Rene Hoeprich,  Treasurer Glenda Spikes
Due to our present treasurer, Rosemary Uchniat, leaving, our new treasurer was voted in at this meeting.  Glenda Spikes-Hughes was elected to serve as treasurer for 2014-15 by acclamation.
Program was a discussion of our BLOG with Wendy Starn, Michael Young & Glenda Spikes showing
information on their laptops.  More information to come at another meeting.  Wendy stated that we can have a business page, personal page and photos.
Judy Momenzedah will contact the Old City Hall in Lake Charles about having an exhibit there. 
She will send a cd of our work.
A donation of beads to our members was given by Gaye Smith, from the daughter of Barbara Meador.
Submitted by:  Jane Olson-Phillips

Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana

Minutes for April 14, 2013 meeting

Meeting was called to order by President Mary Felder.  
Visitors were Carolyn Burch and Gay Smith.

Minutes of January 13, 2013 meeting were accepted as emailed.  Motion to accept 
by Rossemary Uchniat and seconded by Judy Momenzadeh.

Treasurers report was given by Rosemary Uchniat.  

Old Business:  Michael Young suggested that we donate an art book in the event 
of the loss of a member by death.  Kathleen Callahan contacted the Louisiana 
State Library about donations to honor deceased members.  Recommendation: In the 
case of the loss of a member by death, an art book with a maximum price of $50 
will be donated to the library closest to the member’s residence.  President 
will appoint someone to deal with this when needed.  Motion to accept by 
Rosemary Uchniat and seconded by Lisa Ducote..  Motion carried.

Renee Hoeprich was commended for her work on the Giving Quilt Show.  CFAL had an 
exhibit at this function.  Mary Felder, Renee Hoeprich and Michael Young 
installed the exhibit and took it down.  Thanks to Renee and Michael for their 

The Sharon Costello felted vessel class was well received.  Thanks to Lucy 
Landry for making arrangements with Sharon and to Katie Prescott for the great 
venue.  Katie also made arrangements with Staybridge Suites to house our 
teachers at a special rate.
Next Class is Marianne Williamson in September.  Her fees are tentatively $500 
a day and $350 travel.  She will be staying with Judy Momenzadeh.  She is a 
respected member of Studio At Quilt Associates. She works with many different 
materials and techniques.   Michael Young has been communicating with Thom 
Atkins who teaches beading on quilt workshops.   Thom Atkins will come in the 
spring of 2013.  There is interest in another felting class in the fall of 2014.

There is an exhibit scheduled for February 2014 at the Louisiana State Archives 
Art Gallery.  Mary has spoken to several galleries and venues.  They ask for a 
written proposal and a CD of work.  Judy Momenzadeh has volunteered to create a 
CD of our work.  More details on the CD and the show at the Archives will be 
sent later.  

With so many new members, it was suggested that we make a fiber name tag for the 
Katie offered the Co-op for a May 25, 2013 workday.  

A member shared a new magazine – Fiber Art now. 

A nominating committee was elected.  They are Katie Prescott, Rene Hoeprich, and 
Glenda Spikes.  They will present nominees for President, Vice President, 
Treasurer and Secretary to the membership at the August meeting.

Meeting was adjourned.  (A wonderful “show and tell” session followed!!)

Submitted by Glen Parks 

CFAL  Minutes     Nov. 11, 2012  Covington, LA
Mary Felder, Pres.
Minutes were read and accepted.
Treasurer's report - Rosemary Uchniat
Old Business
1.  Sulphur Exhibit:  Pieces will be brought to the Co-op where they can be 
picked up or left for Rene to hold for the next exhibit.  Suggestion that 
weights may be needed on the longer pieces that may sway in the air, for the 
next exhibit there.
2.  Brett Barker class report:  Collected $2760.00, spent $2060.34.  Successful 
class. We will plan to have Brett back in 2014, spring or fall.
3.  Michael Young:  We will not be having the Bluebonnet Swamp Show, however 
please keep working on your piece and we will be having that show in the future 
somewhere else.
New Business:
1.  Meeting dates for 2012 will be:
 Jan. 13th, April 14th, August 11th, Nov.10th.
2. Felting Class with Sharon Costello will be held March 15, 16, 17, 2013 at the 
Coop Bookstore in Baton Rouge, LA.    A deposit is due of $97.50.  Class limited 
to 14 people.  Fees are $65.00 per day plus a kit for $40.00.
3.  Classes for fall of 2013 - Either Beading with Thomas Atkins or Surface 
Design with Marianne Williamson.  Bring your suggestions to the January meeting.
4.  April 6th, "Giving Quilt" exhibit - Rene Hoeprich would like to show our 
group work.  Our work would be an informational exhibit.  Lamar Dixon - 1 day 
5.  Election of new board members
  Baton Rouge, Denham Springs:  Judy Momenzadeh
  New Orleans, Covington, Hammond:  Nancy Hinds
  Houma, Thibodeaux:
  Alexandria:  Wendy Starn
  At large:  to be elected in Jan.                               
Submitted by Jane Olson-Phillips 

CFAL MEETING - May 20, 2012

Meeting held at Co-op Bookstore

Pres. Mary Felder presiding.

Minutes accepted as mailed.

Treasurer's Report was given.
Ville Platte Exhibit - items now due. Show runs through July 4th.

Michael Young’s Bluebonnet Quilt the Swamp Show - Jan. 7, 2013 - Feb. 11, 2013. Theme is myths and legends of the swamp, ghosts, goblins, etc. It can be any swamp in general.

Henning House Exhibit - "A Trace of Sulphur". Must have a yellow color in it. Frames are ok. Oct. 18th - Nov. 15th. Entry forms will be on blog.

Forms are due at the August meeting.

Next meetings; Aug. 19th, Nov. 11th(In Covington)

Rug Hooking Class with Gail Dufresne - 8 Members, 3 non-members.
Barbara Lankford - discussed 1day classes: braided mat or sewn fiber basket.

Brett Barker will do mixed media workshop in fall - 3 day. Katie Prescott will contact Brett Barker.

Lucy Landry working on Sharon Costello - felt making March 15, 16, 17. 2 days felted vessels, or nuno-felting or masks. Will only do projects that can be worked in a 14" x 14" container.

A scholarship or lottery for a free class for a member tabled until 2013.

Ville Platte - now hung
Aug. 19th next meeting - Bring entry form for Henning House exhibit. Pieces due by Sept 1st
Oct. 20th - Nov. 15th Henning House Show
Nov. 11th - Meeting in Covington
Jan. 7, 2013 Bluebonnet Swamp Show
March 15,16,17, 2013 Felt making workshop


CFAL GENERAL MEETING – January 29, 2012

President Mary Felder – BREC’s Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center

Minutes were accepted as e-mailed. Treasury report given.

Michael Young thanked members for currently exhibiting their work in his show at Bluebonnet Swamp. The exhibit “Retrospective” had 70 pieces. Michael’s next show at the swamp will be January 2013. Theme will be myths and legends of the swamp – swamp monsters, fox fires, etc. Piece must include interpretation of the myth.

Wendy reported that the portfolio is important to prospective exhibit venues. She would like photos of 3 pieces from each member.

Brett Barker workshop postponed. Katie Prescott will contact her later in the year.

Rug hooking workshop with Gail Dufresne is scheduled for April 28, 29 and 30, 2012. Gail Dufresne is president of the National Rug Hooking Guild. New samples of her work are on the web. The class will cost $180 for members. Sign up will be on a first come basis. $90 deposit is due now.

Lucy Landry will check into scheduling a felting workshop for 2013 with Sharon Costello. Her website is www.blacksheepdesigns.com. She teaches felting vessels, masks, etc.

Barbara Lankford presented ideas for one day classes by local artists. CFAL will pay the teacher and members will be able to attend free. Ideas for classes: paper making, free form baskets, mixed media, color theory, Photoshop, dissolving thread, shibori, etc. Katie suggested a work day as follow up for the rug hooking class. Wendy suggested workshops on business, selling, marketing. Michael reminded us that we can have “wet” classes at the Swamp.

Ville Platte entry forms are due to Lucy by March 31st. The theme is “Elemental Layers – Earth, Wind, Fire and Air.” Incorporate your name and title into the work. Piece is due at the May 20th meeting. It should be ready to hang with a rod, branch, etc. Can use transparency. No batting. Piece will be seen from both sides. Exhibit will go to Bluebonnet Swamp in November or December. There is space for 24 exhibits. Lucy and Wendy are in charge of this exhibit.

Henning House exhibit is entitled “A Trace of Sulphur”. Piece must have some yellow in it. Entry information is due September 1, 2012. Show opening is October 18th.

Other possibilities for exhibits were mentioned: LSU Student Union Art Gallery, Acadian Center for the Arts, LA State Archives (Karen), GSQA show,
Rosemary announced that Mary Felder was named “Artist of the Year” for 2011 by the Arts Council of Livingston Parish.
Members shared their latest work and the meeting was adjourned.
Meeting was followed by a reception for Michael Young’s “Quilt the Swamp – Retrospective” Exhibit. CFAL hosted the reception.


CFAL Minutes for November 13, 2011

CFAL meeting for November 13, 2011 was called to order by President Lucy Landry. Motion was made by Nancy Hinds to accept the minutes as e-mailed. Seconded by Rosemary Uchniat. Treasurer was not present but sent report. No changes since last meeting.


Wendy Starn reported that Louisiana State Arboretum at Ville Platt loved the “A Walk through the Swamp” exhibit and wanted us to exhibit again in June, July or August of 2012. Lucy Landry will curate the exhibit. She explained the theme of “Elemental Layers – Earth, Water, Air and Fire”. Pieces will incorporate transparency and be in banner form of about 18 inches wide and about 6 ft. long. We will be limited to about 24 pieces. Lucy will give more details later.

There was a discussion of possible exhibits at the Houma Wetlands Festival in October, The LSU Union Art Gallery, SLU Art Gallery, etc. Karen Velupillai will check into an exhibit at the Louisiana State Archives and Rosemary Uchniat will communicate with Southern University Art Gallery as they have expressed interest in our work.

Michael Young wants the pieces for his Quilt the Swamp exhibit at Bluebonnett Swamp by January 8, 2012 as he will hang it on January 9, 2012. Exhibit will be up January 9 – February 6, 2012. He wants three pieces from past shows and one new piece.
Barbara Skinner was not present but sent information about the exhibit at the Henning Cultural Center in Sulphur, LA. The dates are October 20 through November 15, 2012. The theme is “A Trace of Sulfur”. Each piece should have a trace of the color of sulfur which is a soft yellow. The center will hang the pieces and sponsor the reception which will be held October 19, 2012 from 6-8 PM.


January 29th, May 20th, August 19th and November 11th


President Lucy read the proposed changes to Article VI- Administration, Section 2. Motion was made and seconded. Changes were unanimously accepted. It will now read:

The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers of CFAL, the past President and one representative from each of the four regions: Baton Rouge/ New Orleans, Covington/ Hammond, Houma/Thibodeaux, Alexandria and one at large director from the general membership. If a region should have no member willing or able to serve on the board, then an additional member at large shall be elected from the general membership. Each member on the board, except for the past President, has a vote on board business.


Lucy read slate of officers recommended by Nominating Committee: President Mary Felder, Vice President Barbara Lankford, Secretary Jane Olson-Phillips and Treasurer Rosemary Uchniat. There were no nominations from the floor. Sally Gordon moved that the slate be accepted by acclimation. Members accepted. Barbara Lankford was representative for the Baton Rouge, New Orleans area. Nominations were asked for. Michael Young nominated Sally Gordon. It was seconded and Sally Gordon was elected to represent the Baton Rouge, New Orleans area on the Board of Directors.


A class with Brett Barker is scheduled for March 16-18, 2012.
Discussion followed on Gail Dufresne, contemporary rug hooker. She is teaching a class in Covington in early May and can come to the Baton Rouge area before then. Tentative cost for classes would be $45 a day. We would only have to pay transportation for one way. It was decided that Katy Prescott would be asked to pursue a class possibly April 27, 28, 29, 2012
Other teachers suggested were Shannon Costello with felting and Rayna Gillman with surface design and mixed media.

Nancy Hinds mentioned a request for blocks from parishes for a state quilt. Suzi Montague mentioned the Alzheimer’s Quilt Block project.
Visitor Allison Cook was welcomed and plans to join in January 2012.
Members shared finds from the International Quilt Festival in Houston and their latest projects. Entries from CFAL included 2 dolls from Lucy Landry and an embellished piece from Vicky Thompson.
Lucy Landry closed the meeting.


Meeting held by Pres. Lucy Landry at Coop Bookstore

Voted to accept the minutes as mailed.

Treasurer's Report given from report prepared by Susan Broussard

Covington Show: Nancy Hinds reported that there was a good attendance at the show and that we will plan to do it again. Members sending in photos and sizes of work was a great help.

The "Tree Show" has been hung at the LA State Aboretum in Ville Platte, reception to be June 4th at 3:00 - 5:00 pm.

Rural Life Museum: Exhibit to be held July 2nd to August 28th. Reception on July 9th  [since canceled]. Time to be decided. Theme: "A Gathering of Untold Stories". Work due by June 27th. (3 pieces). Michael Y. will help. Barbara Langford will do panels.

Barbara Skinner: Looking into an exhibit at Henny House, Lake Charles.

Michael Young reported on the January 2012 show to come. Theme will be retrospective works. Members should submit 2 pieces from the past and 1 new one.

Katy Prescott in charge of new workshops.
Voted to ask Brett to return for a 3 day class, in April 2012 if possible.
Looking for a place to hold it - Sears Bldg, BREC, etc. Need for good lighting.
She will schedule a one day class with Melody Greenburg on wet felting, silk fusion, paper
making, etc., if possible.

Nominating Committee selected for the slate to be presented at next meeting:
Michael Young, Lisa Ducote, Barbara Langford

Submitted by:
Jane Olson-Phillips
CFAL General Meeting - Jan. 30, 2011 - Bluebonnet Swamp

Meeting held by Pres. Lucy Landry

Voted to accept the minutes as mailed.

Treasurer's Report - Susan Broussard
Wendy Starn reported on our Blog and Facebook. Only 12 members have submitted photos of their work. John Hartgerink. Swamp member took lots of photos of the exhibit and these are on our site.

Business cards: Lucy has had cards made up for the members to give out to prospective members.

Bluebonnet Swamp exhibit report by Michael Young.

Next year's show: 10 year retrospective

Each member should submit up to 3 pieces from past swamp shows & 1 new piece

Present show goes to Thibodaux Jean Lafitte State Park

Keith Felder is making hanging units for the 24 "Tree" hangings

Reception is Sat. Feb. 12th, show ends Apr. 26th

Mary Ingalls taking charge of the refreshments.

This exhibit will be stored by Lucy until June when it will go on to the State Arboretum in Ville Platte. Reception date to be advised.

Katy Prescott: suggested having a video made for the Ville Platte exhibit, but not specific to the show - members work. Perhaps find a possible grant. We could get a small dvd player or lap top. Mary Ingall's son might help. Katy suggested connections at LSU. It could contain 3-10 people talking about their work. Wendy: have it for Jan. show. Donna Britt was suggested as a narrator.

Report on St. Tammany show("Spring for Art") Nancy Hinds. Needs up to 3 photos sent to her by March 15th, with sizes of the pieces so she can make a hanging map. Work due by April 1st - she will let us know where and when. Show runs Apr. 16th to May 14th. If piece is for sale commission is 30%. CFAL will pay any show related expenses. Discussed hanging brackets, magnets and slats.

Rural Life Museum: Show in back 1/3rd quarter of large room. July & August.

Some pieces will hang on wall, racks and 4 large deep cases. Work due June 27, set up July 1st. Reception July 9th from 6 - 8. August 21st meeting may be held there? Will need demos during the show & at the reception.

State Archives - will look into a show there in the future.

Future classes: suggestions were -

mixed media, felting, papier mache, spinning, beading on gourds, weaving, knotting, photoshop, book making, painting on fabric, paper making, basketry.

Members were asked to state their preference.

Katy Prescott - would we want a 3 day class, maybe with Brett, including design and critique.

Lesley Riley class - 9 have signed up. Can hold 20. April 1-3.

Submitted by Jane Olson-Phillips, Sec.

. It's my ego talking, but it was my suggestion (Suzi M), that the CFAL contributing artists make a DVD to travel with the exhibit.

The artists are to speak of their work, their influences, etc.
Katy and Mary spoke of finding grants and videographers.
Purchasing a DVD player will be far less expensive than a computer and less attractive to thievery.

CFAL Quarterly Meeting – Sunday, November 14th, 2010 at 10:40 a.m.,

Gilboy's Gym in Covington, LA Our thanks to Nancy Hinds and others for acquiring the meeting space and setting up. The St. Tammany Art Association Street fair and Art Sale was that weekend. Lucy Landry, president, opened meeting

Minutes from meeting

Members present: Lisa Ducote, Lucy Landry, Susan Broussard,, Suzi Montague, Melanie Borne, Vicki Thompson, Mary Felder, Wendy Starn, Kathleen Callahan, Katy Prescott, Sally Gordon, Nancy Hinds, Glenda Spikes, Caroline Derbes, and one other member??

1) Call to order - Announcements, -Introduction of guest: Katy's sister, Corrine.

2) Melanie Borne moves to accept last meeting minutes. Affirmed.

3) Treasurer's report given by Susan Broussard

4) Portfolio - (Wendy) Blogspot looks very good, no music or clashing backgrounds. It has been viewed by prospective venue operators. Show opportunities may result from their approval of its contents. Some members have entered statement and 3 examples of work. Changes are easily executed if artist wishes to update. Send new data and digital images to Wendy. Links to other websites and Links to Flicker.

5) Suggestion to create a Facebook page as a recruitment tool. Wendy and Kathleen Callahan will see to event postings, deadlines for entries, and voluntary contributions to Facebook page.

6) Nancy Hinds will check on free Vista Print option to create a "CFAL business card," as a promotional handout to invite interested or prospective members to join. Use blogspot data as contact point.

7) When proposing future shows, please distinguish whether the show entries/participants are "open to the public" or "'open to members only" - as in a guild challenge.

8) Calendar of Meeting dates for 2011
Jan. 30th, (tentative date -see Michael Young. Artists' reception at the Bluebonnet Swamp)
May 22nd (location?)
Aug. 21st at Co-Op Bookstore in BR
Nov. 13th - Covington (for the art show and sale)

9) Class date announced April 1st-3rd: Teacher, Lesley Riley - (printed surface). See #13 for more details.

10) Changes in by-laws:

Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana By-Laws
Article I – Name

The name of the organization shall be the Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana, herein known as CFAL.

Article II – Objectives

The purpose of Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana is to encourage its membership as artists, as well as educate others about contemporary fiber arts. Our goal is to promote contemporary works, explore creative influences and develop a network of professional venues.

Article III – Membership

Section 1 – Membership in CFAL is open to any and all interested persons with an appreciation of contemporary fiber art. (Deletes "associate member" status)

Section 2 – All members may attend quarterly meetings, participate in meeting programs, and receive the CFAL newsletter and group updates. To be considered a member in good standing, a person must pay dues in January of each year accordance with Article IV, Section 2. (When dues are to be paid, timely)

Section 3 – Entry membership requires an initial one time fee of $25 in addition to annual dues of $25. Membership privileges include the ability to vote on CFAL business; participation in CFAL sponsored fiber art shows; first priority in attending CFAL sponsored classes and inclusion in the CFAL website portfolio. (Reduces amount of annual dues to $25) (Deletes "associate member" status)

Article IV – Dues

Section 1 - Dues shall be $25 per person per year, effective January 1st. of each year. (Change from two levels to one)

Proposed motion seconded and carried by affirmative vote.

11) Swamp Show: The BREC Bluebonnet Swamp Show, "A Walk Through the Swamp" will run from Monday, Jan 10th until Sunday, Feb 6. See Michael Young. Do not forget wooden branch for hanging tabs.

12) Exhibits that follow after the swamp show:

a) (Jan.-Feb) A Walk Through the Swamp - Bluebonnet Swamp. When the trees come down in BR, it goes on an odyssey around the state.

 i) (Feb.9-April 6) Jean Lafitte State Park in Thibodaux - Lucy hangs exhibit on Monday, Feb. 7. Show opens Wed. the 9th. Feb. 12 (Sat) is tentative date for reception from 1-3 p.m. Mary Felder and Mary Ingalls will co-ordinate reception details.

ii) (June) LA State Arboretum in Ville Platte

b) (Apr. 16-May 14) Hanging By a Thread - St Tammany Art Association Building
320 N. Columbia St. Covington, LA 70433-2918 (985) 892-8650 The building has ample exhibit space with 20 ft. ceilings and 2 smaller adjacent rooms. Space available for pedestals and wall space for sizable pieces.
Nancy Hinds acts as curator. 985-893-3954 nancy@fiberartsstudio.com
CFAL members will be a part of this show with an exhibit called, Spring for Art. Melanie Borne and Vicki Thompson will hang the pieces. Try to contribute 2 works of art.
prep: (1) Nancy needs info on 2-3 pieces by March 15th: digital photos (3), name of composition, and approximate size. There are no size restrictions.
(2) Nancy needs the actual fiber piece in her possession by April 1st.

c) Rural Life Museum in BR. Jane Olsen-Phillips shall enquire about show particulars.

13) Lesley Riley Class - (April 1st-3rd) "Image + Text = Textile" - 12 techniques for image transfer. $210 or $245 for non-members. Members may sign up now. Contact Susan Broussard 225-291-5405 for registration. Deposit of $105 required. After Feb. 1st, class roll will be open to non-members. See her website

If you have any suggestions for the next teacher/class, please contact Lucy with your proposals.

14) Retreats - the membership is entertaining the idea of having a weekend retreat to any of the locales listed: Presbyterian Center in Clinton, Episcopal Retreat Center in Robert, the Beckwith Retreat Center in Daphne, AL, Tickfaw State Park near Ponchatoula, St. Joseph's Abbey in Covington, and the River's Retreat Center in Covington. Under discussion.

15) No Artist's Trading Cards to exchange

16) Show & Tell

17) Miscellaneous

- Use a wood-burning tool to etch foam stamps for more details, sharper images

- Nov-Dec. a small art exhibit at the Denham Springs Art Gallery (where the guild met previously)

- Kudos all around - Mary Felder had a piece accepted into the LSU 20-20-20 Art Exhibit, a nationally juried show on exhibit from Nov. 19th until Dec. 19th at the LSU Student Union Gallery.

- Katy Prescott demonstrated a new product, Ink Tense, by the Derwent company. It is a pigment loaded art pencil that can be used as a wet pigment, manipulated with water and Fiber GAC to create a permanent color without ironing or washing.

Available in counts of 36, 24, or 8. Contact Billy at CO-OP and treat as an Internet sale for 20% discount.

Used mixed with water or paint on top of GAC. Mark pencil on fiber or paper then wet with brush and water. Use paper palette, mix on surface then apply to fiber or paper.

Use padded surface. Try with ink brushes (look like white pencils).

FYI - Wendy Starn and Vicki Thompson had fiber pieces in the Nov. 2010 Houston Show. Lucy Landry had a doll entry.

meeting adjourned

Meeting held at Coop Book Store
Led by Pres. Lucy Landry

Discussion of upcoming exhibits for 2011, after January exhibit at Bluebonnet Swamp. Only work to be submitted will be the "Tree" forms as stated previously by Michael Young.

02/06/2011 - 04/27/2011 - Exhibit will be at the Acadian Cultural Center, a National Park in Thibodeau.
Information on each piece will be needed in the fall.

June 2011 - Prof. J. LaFleur Arboretum in Ville Platte will have the exhibit. Exact dates will be coming.

Wendy Starn talked about our blog site, and mentioned that only 3 people have sent in information and photos. She would also like any news about members work.

Lesley Riley Class - has been set for April 1-3, 2011.
Costs: $2100.00, plus hotel 4 nights, travel, plus food at $50.00 per diem.
Total estimated cost: $3100.00. Cost per student - $70.00 per day $210 total
Extra for non-members - $35.00 $245 total. Hotel nearby for good rate. Supply fee to be determined.

Nov. meeting will be at in Covington, at time of 3 Rivers Festival Festival. We will meet at 10-:30 A.M. to allow time for lunch and festival.

Submitted by:
Jane Olson-Phillips

Held at the Art Council, Denham Springs
Meeting called to order by Mary Felder in the absence of Pres. Lucy Landry

Members present,
Mary Felder, Jane Olson-Phillips. Susan Broussard, Barbara Lankford, Barbara Skinner,Vicki Thompson, Melanie Borne, Wendy Starn, Bebe Tulley, Jill Rehn, Carmen Adger, Lisa Ducote, Suzi Montague, Sally Gordon, Michael Young, Kathy Bourgeois,
Glenda Spikes & visitor, Suky Mitchell(visitor)

Minutes were read by Jane Olson-Phillips

Treasurer’s Report: by Susan Broussard

Program: Sara Hopp Harper, a fiber artist and textile designer, presented a slide show of her inspirations and ideas and how they develop into her batiks and shibori designs. We also examined her tea towels and large table and bed covers.  Her blog:

Old Business:

Members were asked to pay their dues for 2010.

Classes: The upcoming Ann Johnson class has 15 people signed up. There is room for  20 in the class.

Exhibit at the Denham Springs/Walker Library in September
This library has 2 upright cases, 4 4x6 cases, plus wall space
Please bring your masks to the Aug. 8th meeting & any other items you would like to Display.

CFAL Blog - Wendy Starn Member’s Portfolio
Please send Wendy an artist statement of 3 - 5 sentences and 3 photos of your work.  (w l  s t a r n
at aol dot com) (squish the letters together for the correct address.  Hopefully, spammers cannot troll for this address)
The photos should be in jpeg with a white or grey background.

See: Blogger  (to create your own free blog)

 fotki (photo site)

 myartspace (photo site for artists)

The photos should have a title, date and dimensions. You may wish to include materials and/or techniques used.

New Business:

Class with  Lesley Riley
Need to sign a contract with her for 1st weekend in April 2011. Email Lucy whether you would want a 3 day class or longer And which of her classes offered, you would like. Leslie charges $700.00 per day. People at this meeting were interested in the Lutradur Sampler & “Image+text+Fabric” classes.

Exhibits: Current Calendar submitted by Barbara Langford

September 2010 Denham Springs/Walker Library Masks & other items
January 2011 BREC Bluebonnet Swamp - Michael Young “A Walk Through the Swamp” Show will be hung on Jan 10, 2011 - to Feb. 7, 2011 Michael asked for a branch to be threaded through the 2 loops on top of your work.

February 2011 Jean Lafitte State Park. Thibodaux - above exhibit, held for 1 month
Coordinator: Allyn Rodriguez

Date TBA 2011 State Arboretum, Ville Platte, Coordinator: Carol Goldsmith

Reports on other places for exhibitions:

Suzi Montague - LA State Archives - contact Debbie Newman
Events coming up for State Bicentennial, Suzi will contact them again.

Mary Felder - Livingston Arts Council booked up for now, Charge of a $50.00 Joining fee.

Jane Olson-Phillips - Rural Life Museum - no charge, they would be happy to have us.
Old State Capitol - only historical items.
Lyceum Dean - $3000+ for 4 hours!!
Independence Park Center $900.00 for 4 hours
BREC Pavillion - free but out of doors
Univ. Art Museum, Lafayette curate own exhibits
WBR Museum - Mary will contact
David Betts, Strumberg Lane, interested in an exhibit

Contact Lucy Landry with any suggestions for future classes or programs.

Fundraiser for Michael in July, info to come

Next meeting: August 8, 2010 at same place
November meeting - Covington YMCA - Nancy Hinds

Meeting adjourned

Submitted by Jane Olson-Phillips
(with additional portfolio information and links added  by Wendy L Starn)

Held at Arts Council, Denham Springs
Members Present:
Lucy Landry, Lisa Ducote, Nancy Hinds, Janet Cundiff, Sally Gordon, Glenda Spikes Hughes, Mary Ingalls, Barbara Lankford, Kathleen Callaghan, Louise Regan,Donna Downing, W. Starn, Katy Prescott, Patty Gamburg, Vicki Thompson, Melanie Borne, Susie Montague, Beverly Yearby, Valerie Turgeon, Carmen Adger, Susan Broussard, Mary Felder, Jane Olson-Phillips.

The meeting was called to order by Lucy Landry, who thanked the old officers.

Treasurer's Report:
Susan Broussard - As of Jan. 31st and As of Feb. 21st .
Dues are due at the 2nd meeting of the year, reminders to go out in March.
Minutes were read by Jane Olson-Phillips.

Old Business:
Email & membership list was brought up to date.
Announcement of class on designing & dyeing by Ann Johnston now registering for May 28-31. After March 1st the class will be open to non-members.

New Business:
Representatives to the Board were elected:
New Orleans/Covington - Melanie Borne
Houma -----vacant
Baton Rouge - Barbara Lankford
Alexandria - Wendy Starn
At large - Barbara Skinner

2010 Meeting Dates:
May 16th, August 8th, November 14th
November meeting will possibly be held in Covington during 3 Rivers Art Show

Possibilities - State Archives, Rural Life Museum
Denham Springs Library for September
Mask challenge due in Sept for library exhibit
Co-op Bookstore best source for papier mache mask if you want to use one

Mail any information to Wendy Starn
Swamp Show photos are now on the blog

Programs - Mary Felder in charge
Discussion on creating Artist Trading Cards as ongoing project.
Size 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Grant Committee - Mary Felder appointed.
Need for an Exhibit & Photographic Committee discussed.
Also discussed having a portfolio on line.

Jan. 2011 Swamp Show information sent in by Michael Young
Title: "A Walk in the Swamp"
Work must be 2-sided, 6' to 7' long, 14" - 16" wide
Must have tabs to hang, does not have to be quilted.
Choose a specific type of swamp tree for inspiration.
Slides from the Houston Show of their hanging works were shown by Mary Felder.

For next meeting bring a finished project.
Meeting adjourned.
Submitted by: Jane Olson-Phillips