Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quilt the Swamp 2009: Focus in the Swamp

Quilt the Swamp, an annual fiber show, opened at Bluebonnet Swamp in Baton Rouge on January 13, 2009 and ran through February 8, 2009. Many of the artists are members of the Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana. The show was curated by Michael Young of Baton Rouge. The 2009 theme was "Focus in the Swamp." Each piece was inspired by a photograph by John Hartgerink, a local photographer who has taken hundreds of (wonderful) photographs in the Bluebonnet Swamp. Each piece was hung with the corresponding photo.

Convict Caterpillar by Sharon Crary The trim on the vest is fuzzy caterpillars end to end. The vest is felted, and the caterpillar feet are tiny red beads.

A Cedar Waxwing Made with Love By Joyce Lafleur

Snails Seeking Trails By Barbara Hoffman

Taking Leave by Melanie Bourne

Gulf Fritillary Flitting Through Bluebonnet Swamp By Mary Felder

The Armadillo Speaks By Rena Kroll

The Emperor's New Clothes By Sally Gordon

Springtime at the Swamp By Judy Momenzadeh

Dining Out By Paula McKenna

Caterpillar Confetti By Louise Regan

Blue Mist Flower By Michael Young

Summer Breeze by Wendy L. Starn

The Secret Swamp: Late Summer by Wendy L. Starn

Fire and Ice by Wendy L. Starn

Ladies’ Tresses By Caroline Derbes

Muscadine By Carol Goldsmith

Hindsight By Lisa Ducote

Looking Glass By Melody Greenberg

Spots & Dots By Lisa Ducote (left)
Giant Leopard Moth By Jane Olsen-Phillips (right)

Trillium By Joyce Lafleur

Swamp Red Maple Seeds By Michael Young

Puzzling Raccoon By Lucy Landry

Red Fox By Lucy Landry

Toad on Toadstool By Lucy Landry

Muscadine Muncher By Janet Condiff