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Hidden Dreams
Livingston Parish Arts Council 
September/October 2017 

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The Art of Fiber
Louisiana State Archives Building
February 2014


2011 Theme: A Walk in the Swamp, curated by Michael Young
Pieces should be two-sided, 6-7 Feet tall, 14-16 inches wide.  Please add tabs to hang.  Tabs should be able to be opened, so they should have buttons or hook & eye tape, etc.  Velcro many not hold due to the weight of the piece.
Inspiration photos are from International Quilt Festival, fall, 2009, and were made by
this group from Germany.  Deadline information will be posted later.  It's usually early in January.

Previous Swamp shows:

Quilt the Swamp 2002

Faces in the Swamp 2003

The Enchanted Swamp 2004

The Invisible/Visible Swamp 2005

Seasons of the Swamp 2006

SOS Save Our Swamp 2007

Midnight in the Swamp 2008

Focus in the Swamp 2009
                          Into the Swamp 2010

A Walk through the Swamp 2011

Quilt the Swamp 10 Years 2012

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List of Trees growing at Bluebonnet Swamp (courtesy of Bluebonnet Swamp):
American Beech
Red Buckeye
Paw Paw
Southern Magnolia "Little Gem"
Honey Locust
Black Cherry
Water Oak
Tulip Tree
Bald Cypress
Tupelo Gum
Swamp Red Maple
American Holly
Wax Myrtle
American Sweet Gum
Southern Magnolia
Willow Oak
Sweet Bay Magnolia

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Off the Wall and Into The Swamp

Now through Feb 7, 2010.
Reception: January 24 at BREC Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center, Baton Rouge
All are welcome!

Wendy L Starn, Maple Leaf knitted using copper wire and beads, 2010