Friday, May 19, 2017

Next exhibit

Hidden Dreams                           Theme for next CFAL show      September/October 2017

The theme is meant to INSPIRE creativity, not limit creativity.  Below are some suggestions.  Please realize these are just suggestions and by no means represent all of the ways to interpret and represent the theme.

1.  Abstract dream scape--fantasy-like, whimsical, representative of a more serious or even disturbing dream;

2.  The dreams we hold hidden for those we love.....parents, partners, children, friends;

3.  The dreams we hold hidden for ourselves--small, like a day of peace and quiet, a dream vacation, or large and serious;

4.  Unfinished Objects.....until it is finished, the dream or vision that inspired the piece remains at least partially hidden.

5.   Animal dreams.....for example, think of a dog moving his legs while he is dreaming.

6.  Recurring theme or symbol from our own dreams;

7.  Rituals, special items etc. related to dreams--the dream pouches that Donna shared with us at our last meeting, dream catchers, etc.

8.  Obstacles to realizing our dreams--within ourselves, social justice issues that oppress or repress entire groups of people, forcing them to keep dreams hidden;

9.  Role models who have paved the way for others to pursue their own hidden dreams, bring them into reality instead of keeping them hidden.

10.  A peek into the dreams of others (I think of the wonderful photo of the fly at our last meeting, and the saying....."If I could be a fly on the wall".....spy into the hidden worlds of others.....)

Have fun.  Let your imagination soar......This is by no means an all-inclusive list!!!

The entry form/and hanging guidelines are posted under Calls for Entry and Exhibition Guidelines.