Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Trace of Sulfur, Henning Cultural Center, Sulphur, LA

Susie Blyskal,  Eclipse - Ring of Fire

Melanie Borne, Aftermath

Melanie Borne, Precarious II

Kathy Bourgeois, Hidden Beauty

Susan Broussard, Something From the Garden

Lisa Ducote, Mom Knows Best

Lisa Ducote, Pathways

Lisa Ducote, Will O' the Wisp

Mary Felder, Unleashed

Mary Felder, Wildfire

Mary Felder, Centered

 Sally Gordon, A Sulphur's Touch
photo unavailable

Sally Gordon, Arthur's Wood
photo unavailable

Sally Gordon, The Wildflower Book
photo unavailable

Mary Green, Faaabric

Mary Green, Spools in Space
Renee Hoeprich, Solitude

Naomi Kornman, Light Through Woods

Naomi Kornman, Strip Tease

Lucy Landry, Mirror, Mirror, Tell Me No Lies

Lucy Landry, Parallel Universes

Lyn Menart, The Mayans Were Right
2013 The New White Meat

Donna Martin

Donna Martin, Down the Crawfish Hole With Saint Barbara

Donna Martin, Saint Barbara's Lil' Satsuma

Judy Momenzadeh, Friendship

Judy Momenzadeh, Those Maplewood Girls (dolls)

Jane Olson-Phillips, Visions in Yellow (photo courtesy of Jane Olson-Phillips)

Katy Prescott, Yellow Butterfly Bush

Barbara Skinner, 10/31 & 11/1-4

Barbara Skinner, A Trace of Sulfur I

Barbara Skinner, A Trace of Sulfur II

Barbara Skinner, All About Me

Barbara Skinner, Call Me Crazy

Barbara Skinner, Fiber Fusion

Glenda Spikes, A Trace of Sulphur

Glenda Spikes, Cities Service

Glenda Spikes, Swamp Tree

Wendy L Starn, Acer Rubrum

Wendy L Starn, Cornered!

Vicki Thompson, Storm Warning

Bebe Tulley, Zinnia With Butterfly

Rosemary Uchniat, Abandoned

Rosemary Uchniat, The Conversation

Corrinne Watts, Doodles

Corrinne Watts, Vortex

Michael Young, Art Kimono Number 4, Bamboo & Iris

Michael Young, Fragments #2 Asian Sulfur

Michael Young, Shogun

All artwork is copyright by the individual artists.
All photos, except where noted, by Wendy L Starn.
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