Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Elemental Layers at the Louisiana State Arboretum

 Barbara Skinner, Elements

Claire Waguespack, Untitled

Glenda Spikes, In September

Glenda Spikes, Groovin'

Katy Prescott, Earth, Wind and Fire

Lisa Ducote, Rising Inferno

Lucy Landry, I Dreamed I Could Fly

Mary Felder, Elemental Layers:  Earth, Wind, Water, Fire

Melanie Borne, L'Air Brumeux

Naomi Kornman, Great Balls of Fire

Patty Gamburg, Earth: Night Shadows

Renee Hoeprich, Life in the Kelp

Sally Gordon, Light on Water

Sharon Walton, Air: Summer Breeze

Valerie Turgeon, Rumi's Answer to the Elements

Vicki Thompson, Leafing the Seasons

Wendy L Starn, October: Azure

Wendy L Starn:  November: Little Cat Feet