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Cat's Head Paper Basket Class with Nancy Hinds
Saturday, May 5
We will once again be working with painted watercolor paper to create colorful baskets--see attached photo. This class will focus on making a "cat's head" basket on a wooden mold. Weaving a square bottom, this basket quickly becomes round (or oval) as you create the tiny feet that make the basket look like cat's ears when turned upside down. Students can choose from a round or oval shaped basket. You do not have to have taken the first class in order to take this one. There will be a $12 kit fee, which will include your prepainted and precut paper. As with the previous class, I will contact each student concerning color preferences. NOTE: If you want to paint your own 140 lb cold press watercolor paper in advance, please contact me at least two weeks prior to class.
Some people signed an interest list at our November meeting. If you would like to be added to the list, or need to remove your name, please contact Nancy at nancy@fiberartsstudio.com. The class is limited, so be sure to sign up early.


We are in the process of arranging for additional classes.  If you are interested in a particular class (either as a student or instructor) please let us know!! Send an email to yvonne70346@yahoo.com

  Selfies Class Lucy Landry, Instructor

Self-portraiture is an old form of art seen in stone carvings of the ancient world. The advent of mirrors in the 15th century caused a surge of artists to experiment with the form. With the popularity of cellphone cameras, the self-portrait has exploded onto the scene again and been reinvented as the Selfie.
This one day class will explore the art form of Selfie. In it, we will focus on the design work involved in making a self-portrait. There are some easy steps to go from photo to fabric art that allow you, the artist, to make a simplified interpretation of yourself.
We will spend half the day with the design exercises and then proceed to its execution in fabric. My examples here are fused appliqué and appliqué with machine embroidery. This design work is also suited to other fabric art styles including hand embroidery. The students are encouraged to choose their own style of fabric art to complete their design.