Monday, January 25, 2010

Off the Wall and Into the Swamp: Artists' Reception

Exhibit curated by Michael Young of Baton Rouge
Melody Greenberg & Lucy Landry
Susan Broussard, Alison Landry, Joyce LaFleur, Carol Goldsmith
Susan Broussard, Jane Olson-Phillips, Wendy L Starn
Lucy Landry, Mary Felder
Carol Goldsmith: Pond Action
Joyce LaFleur: Morning Glories
Susan Broussard: Day's End: a Journal
Lucy Landry: Bonfire
Lucy Landry: Faery Condominiums

Melody Greenberg: Forest Canopy
Melody Greenberg: Elf Glimmer (top)
Jo Paula Lantier: Yellow Lotus: Spirit of Unexcelled Enlightenment
Barbara Hoffman: Celebrating the Cypress

Mary Felder: The Sentinel An ancient cypress watches history pass by

Carol Goldsmith: Meadow Wildflower
Wendy L. Starn: Autumn Leaf

Vicki Thompson: Magnolia
Sharon Walton: Swamp Shrine

Carol Goldsmith: Vivid Sunset
Lucy Landry: The Wanderer

Lucy Landry: Coming Up For Air
Lisa Ducote: Ebb and Flow
Wendy L Starn: knitted copper wire leaf

Susan Broussard and Jane Olson-Phillips: In walked the Lady With the Alligator Purse

Jane Olson-Phillips: Swamp Moth
Janet Cundiff: At Home in the Swamp
Sally Gordon: Metamorphosis: Moth and Moon
Glen Parks: Les Yeux de L'Alligator Vous Observant (The Eyes of the Alligator Are Watching You!)
Melanie Borne: Leaves
Lisa Ducote: She Who is a Part of Me

Alison Landry: Winter Spirit
Nancy Hinds: Swamped

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  1. Lovely show. Congratulations to all the artists.