Friday, September 3, 2010

CFAL show at Walker Library, Denham Springs, LA

The show includes recent work of the Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana, and features a recent mask challenge.

Economy by Wendy L Starn

Dig by Melanie Borne

Portal by Susan Broussard

Arthur's Wood by Sally Gordon

Aftermath by Melanie Borne

Mask by Lisa Ducote
Silk Art Cloth by Mary Ingalls

Silk Art Cloth entitled Primal by Rosemary Uchniat

Silk Art Cloth entitled Fire on the Water by Mary Felder

Mask by Susan Broussard

Mask by Lucy Landry

Mask by Wendy L Starn

Mask by Wendy L Starn

Mask by Barbara Lankford

Camouflage mask by Mary Felder

Papilio Mennon F.Achates' by Michael Young
Quote by Georgia OKeeffe by Mary Ingalls
Gulf Fritillary Butterfly by Mary Felder

Diamonds and Rust by Sally Gordon

Global Warning by Wendy L Starn

Vicki Thompson

Vicki Thompson

Serendipity by Michael Young

Release by Nancy Hinds

by Mary Ingalls

Yello Zeez by Mary Felder

Flowers by Vicki Thompson

Cornered! by Wendy L Starn
Also in foyer case: more nesting dolls, Copper Leaf by Wendy L Starn, necklaces by Jane Olson Phillips and 2 Celestial Dolls by Lucy Landry

Glass case in the foyer: It has nesting dolls, Mermaid (doll) by Barbara Lankford, In the Marsh by Sally Gordon , Crazy Quilted Pillow by Barbara Lankford, a mask by Barbara Skinner and a mask by Jane Olson Phillips

The Attendant by Michael Young

Leaves by Mary Ingalls

Leafing the Nest by Nancy Hinds

Ebb and Flow by Lisa Ducote

Spots and Dots by Lisa Ducote

All work on exhibit through September 28, 2010. Photos by Mary Felder.

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