Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Elemental Layers: Earth, Water, Fire, Air" at the Louisiana State Arboretum, Ville Platte

Exhibit through early July.  These were some hurried photos immediately following installation (with the ladder in a couple of them).  More to follow as time allows.

 Vickie Thompson, Sally Gordon, Patty Gamburg

 Wendy L Starn

 Glenda Spikes Hughes, Wendy L Starn

 Renee Hoeprich (foreground)

Lisa Ducote (foreground)

Lucy Landry, Sharon Walton

Sharon Walton

Vickie Thompson, Sally Gordon

Patty Gamburg

Barbara Skinner, Glenda Spikes Hughes

Glenda Spikes Hughes, Barbara Skinner
Sally Gordon, Claire Waguespack, Valerie Turgeon, Patty Gamburg

Melanie Borne, Valerie Turgeon, Claire Waguespack

Patty Gamburg, Sally Gordon, Vickie Thompson

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